Letter: Lebanon Rotary’s Sweet Success

To the Editor:

The Rotary Club of Lebanon conducted a very successful Great American Pie Buffet at the Upper Valley Senior Center in Lebanon on July 4.

We were delighted and overwhelmed by the participation of the more than 180 Upper Valley residents and visitors who came by for our inaugural try at this all-you-can-eat event. The club’s goals of creating an enjoyable community event, deepening our fellowship and raising funds to support the Global Eradication of Polio and local services to older residents were achieved in spades. Thank you!

We want to acknowledge the work of Rotarians and their family members and friends who prepared more than 80 pies of all types (savory, including quiches, shepherd’s pie, meat pie, flatbread pizza pies, etc.; and sweet, including berries, fruits, custard, crisps, meringues, etc.), and who volunteered throughout the day to serve and clean. We had a ball doing it.

We’re grateful also to the Lebanon Recreation Department for including our event in the day’s publicity.

We’ll soon begin planning for an even bigger and better event for your enjoyment next year. If members of the public have statements or suggestions for the future, please comment on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/lebanonrc/?fref=ts.

Remember: Live Free and Eat Pie!

Bruce Pacht

Rotary Club of Lebanon