Letter: The Work of Local Rotarians

To the Editor:

Many in the Upper Valley encounter Hanover Rotary Club members wearing Santa hats and ringing bells to solicit donations for Listen on Hanover’s Main Street in December or attend the delicious pancake breakfast that Hanover Rotary puts on at the firehouse every spring. B ut few know about the annual auction gala held in early November that raises an amazing amount of money for a designated charity partner. Fewer still are aware of the monetary support Hanover Rotary provides to a diverse and deserving group of nonprofit organizations — over $325,000 since 2008!

As a result of last year’s gala, the Hanover Rotary gave more than $30,000 to its chosen partner, COVER Home Repair. In addition, the Hanover Rotary recently awarded grants totaling more than $30,000 to 20 regional charities. The recipients included agencies that assist the needy and others that serve a wide array of citizens, from newborn children to senior citizens and every age group in between.

Rotary clubs in the Upper Valley bring much to our communities in addition to funds for worthy causes. Our members work every day to improve our towns, schools, charities and businesses, and they help make the Upper Valley a great place to live, work and raise children. On behalf of all Rotarians in our region, thank you for your continued support.

Philip McCaull

Co-Chair, Philanthropy Committee

Hanover Rotary Club