Letter: We Need Gun Owners’ Help

To the Editor:

The residents of Hartford who attended Town Meeting on Saturday, April 6, did not vote against the assault-weapon and high-capacity-magazine ban as Mitchell A.M. Ota asserted in his April 11 letter. By a voice vote, it was decided to indefinitely postpone a vote on Article 8. Therefore, a meaningful discussion concerning measures to enhance gun safety did not take place and there was no vote on Article 8, which called for universal background checks on gun purchases, making gun trafficking a federal crime , and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

With nearly 85 Americans dying of gun shots every day and the mass shootings that are becoming all too frequent, it is time that responsible gun owners step up to the plate and take action to significantly enhance gun safety throughout our nation. It is estimated that four out of 10 guns purchased are made without any background checks. Moreover, the small state of Vermont in 2010 was the 16th most common source of guns used in crimes in the entire country. In order to significantly reduce deaths and injury from gun violence, gun owners must be a major part of the solution. There is a lot more than merely possessing a gun to responsible gun ownership.

Come on, citizens of Hartford, it is time to speak up!

Dick Brooks



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