Letter: Fluoridation Demands Thorough Research

To the Editor:

I wanted to respond to a critique of the study that I cited in the Jan. 23 article “Coalition Wants to Fluoridate Tap Water,” which was offered by Steven Chapman in a recent letter to the editor. Chapman said that the “studies the researchers reviewed were done in China, where fluoride levels are 10 times the optimal levels set here in the United States.” The Harvard School of Public Health study that I cited, Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, is a review of 27 scientific studies that investigated the correlation between water fluoridation and IQ scores in children in China. Of these 27, 13 were below the U.S. fluoride limit of 4 mg/L. Several were below the recommended dosage of 1 mg/L.

This study’s conclusion that “Children who lived in areas with high fluoride exposure had lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-exposure or control areas” for 22 of the 27 reviewed studies is something that everyone involved in the Hartford fluoride debate should take very seriously.

Further, I would add that Mr. Chapman’s suggestion in the same letter that “if there were any evidence of these supposed harms, we would know about it by now” seems to be contradicted by the first part of his letter. I urge readers to do a thorough research on the subject prior to coming to a conclusion.

Simon Dennis

Vice-Chairman, Hartford Selectboard