Forum, July 17: We, the Uneducated and Unworthy

Sunday, July 16, 2017
Another Successful Prouty

Congratulations to the Prouty!

A heartfelt thanks to all those who helped make the 36th Prouty a success. In spite of the weather before, during and after, the Prouty team pulled off another fantastic community event. This was possibly the best-organized Prouty ever. Roads were safe, well marked and well secured by police, flaggers and volunteers.

Thanks to all the volunteers, staff, sponsors and, especially Jean Brown, for all your time and effort to have completed another winning Prouty. See you in 2018.

Daniel Wolf

Newbury, N.H.

We, the Uneducated and Unworthy 

Reading letters to the editor is endlessly fascinating.

It is so reassuring that your readers are so intelligent, competent and willing to listen!

Come one, come all! You might consider getting ready for the next election!

You need to recognize that election results matter. The opinion of others who consider our president in derogatory terms are of little interest to the American people who elected our president to take care of our country. 

How about not bombing Syria after the slaughter of women and children with sarin gas? Look how well that worked out! Eight years went by in which there was no response: What if it had been your child? So much for a red line. 

We, the uneducated and unworthy, elected a man who knows how to run a business. It’s about time we had a competent commander-in-chief!

Your ire and unhappiness should help you gear up for the next election. Just keep in mind that “the people” have had enough of the swamp! There is, of course, the inability of Congress — both chambers — to get anything done. We need to consider term limits — two terms for the Senate and four for the House. This would be grandfathered in so that 25 years from now we would have a Congress that truly represents the people. 

I worry that we seem unable to work together. We will accomplish nothing worthwhile if we insult and demean each other. How about a truce?

Janet Connolly


Daily Dose of ‘Washington Post’ ​ 

The insidious danger of climate change is that it sneaks up slowly, before people realize too late that it has enveloped their lives. No, I am not referring to global warming. Rather I observe a changing climate as the Washington beltway mindset bubble expands. From the nation’s richest suburbs around D.C., it is now enfolding the Upper Valley with narrow ideological views disconnected from the American heartland. 

As evidence, I present the Valley News. Not a day goes by that two or more front page stories aren’t reprints from The Washington Post. The editorial page consistently publishes an opinion taken from The Washington Post, often two Post op-eds on the same day, and on occasion even three.

This is a trend that has become consistent, day after day after day. It appears the paper is looking for sensational headlines to reinforce and ultimately exploit the hysteria over Donald Trump. I encourage anyone who doubts this to review the editions over the past several weeks, as I have. 

It is understandable that a regional paper must rely on the national press to provide reporting it cannot cover directly itself.  But can we please have a better balance regarding sources, reporting biases of those sources and their opinions? If Upper Valley readers want a daily dose of The Washington Post, they can subscribe directly.

Tim Dreisbach

South Royalton

News Should Disturb Everyone

I am disturbed by the latest news on Russian interference with the last election. It doesn't matter who you voted for this time. Next time Russia, China or some other government decides it doesn’t like a candidate for president it could just as well be a Republican it targets. Keep that in mind when you decide whether this is all fake news or real news.  

In this case, doesn't it seem that perhaps Hilary Clinton did her job as secretary of state very, very well? I don't for one minute believe that Vladimir Putin is alone in the effort to influence the 2016 election. But considering Putin’s personality, he probably hated Clinton simply because she is a woman. 

Jo Ann Dupry

Springfield, Vt.