A Closer Look at Those Who Died

Monday, April 17, 2017


Madison Dana was 2 years old when she died from blunt impact injuries on Nov. 27. Her father, Roger Dana, of Berlin, has been charged in her death.

Dennis Thorsell-Carpenter died May 13 of sudden infant death syndrome, his parents said. Rochester police showed up at a motel where the family was living to find the boy blue and not breathing, DCYF records show. An autopsy later revealed there were no signs of physical trauma. Rochester police haven’t charged anyone in his death, though they said it is an open investigation.

Jayleah Bureau was 3 when she died on March 15 of blunt-force trauma in Concord. Her father, Jocarl Bureau, was charged with her death. DCYF does not include this case in its file of child fatalities.


Shawn Sylvester, 11 months, died on Nov. 15 of blunt impact head trauma at an Alexandria home. His mother’s boyfriend, Tommy Page, has been charged in his death. DCYF does not include this case in its file of child fatalities.

Sadence Willott was 21 months old when she died in September after suffering “blunt impact head injuries.” Her mother, Katlin Paquette, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 21 to 42 years in prison. DCYF had been involved with Willott since 2013, according to agency records.


Brielle Gage, 3, died when her mother beat her to death in Nashua on Nov. 25. Katlyn Marin was later convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 45 years to life in prison, a decision she is appealing. DCYF had investigated three reports of suspected abuse and neglect against Gage, including one just two months before her death, agency records show.

Barry McGuire was 4 months when his mother dropped him out a second-story window on June 18 and then jumped herself, landing on the infant, who later died of his injuries, authorities said. His twin sister survived the fall. Their mother, Patina Welch of Lyman, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and was committed to the state’s secure psychiatric unit. DCYF had investigated two prior allegations of neglect against the twins but deemed both unfounded, agency records show.


Devon Gould-Parr, 2, died when his mother struck him on April 25 with what proved to be a deadly blow, prosecutors said. Unique Gould of Nashua later pleaded guilty to manslaughter. DCYF had received no prior reports about Gould-Parr, records show.

Noah York, 2, was smothered to death in Somersworth on June 14. His mother’s boyfriend, Jared Pope, later pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. Prosecutors said Pope wrapped the 2-year-old boy in blankets, tied him up with a nylon rope and put a 20-pound duffle bag on top of him because he was crying. DCYF had received one report of suspected abuse or neglect involving York two months before his death, records show. The investigation was still open when York was killed, but was later ruled unfounded, according to agency records.


Christian N’Tapolis was 8 months old when he drowned on Aug. 25 unattended in an overflowing bathtub, prosecutors said. Melissa Gutierrez of Merrimack was sentenced to prison for negligent homicide. State child protection had investigated four reports of abuse and neglect involving Christian and his older brother, but all reports were deemed unfounded, records show.

Eight-month-old Izik Davis-Miller died of a fentanyl overdose July 19 after his mother’s prescription pain patch became stuck to his abdomen, prosecutors said. Kristine Davis pleaded guilty to reckless conduct in relation to her son’s death. DCYF investigated one complaint of suspected abuse or neglect against the boy in 2011 but deemed it unfounded, records show.

Three-year-old Christian Jackson died from “blunt force trauma” in February. While his death was ruled a homicide, the case remains open and Nashua police have yet to make any arrests. Jackson had “significant injuries” all over his body, according to DCYF records. Before his death, DCYF investigated four prior reports of suspected abuse or neglect against Jackson, all of which the agency deemed unfounded, records show.


Wesley Botelho, 1, drowned in a bathtub while his mother surfed the internet, prosecutors said. Jessica Botelho was later convicted of manslaughter in her son’s death. DCYF does not include this case in its file of child fatalities.