Sanders back in N.H.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

CONCORD (AP) — Vermont senator Bernie Sanders emphasized his rise from longshot candidate to major Democratic presidential contender in his first trip to New Hampshire this weekend since launching another run for president.

Sanders said his ideas that seemed “radical and extreme” four years ago are now helping define Democrats campaigns across the country.

“Those ideas that we talked about when I came here to New Hampshire four years ago, ideas that seemed so very radical at that time,” Sanders said. “Well, today, virtually all of those ideas are supported by a majority of the American people and they are being supported by Democratic candidates from school board to president of the United States.”

Sanders topped Hillary Clinton in the state’s 2016 primary. But he now faces a wider field of rivals who have adopted some of his same views on policy issues he pioneered in his last run.

“This is where the political revolution took off,” Sanders said. “Thank you, New Hampshire.”

He delivered his remarks to a packed a hotel conference center in Concord. The crowd braved a snow storm to see the Vermont senator in his first visit to the state since announcing his 2020 run.