Young Writers Project: Mundane Objects and Objects of Ire

Age 17, Newbury, Vt.
Monday, January 29, 2018

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This week’s prompts:

Mundane: Write about something seemingly ordinary — a chair, a wall, a tack — and make it extraordinary;

Slam: What gets you really angry? What makes your blood boil? Write a slam poem about it.

Prompt: Mundane


The bright blue

perfectly contrasts

the tan of the cork board.

Gentle curves

outline the blue

of the tack.

I stop to admire

how the tack,

although dull,

pierces the cork —

a small object,

alone on the large board.

The object

once held a large note,

reading, “Out for lunch. Be back soon.”

The note no longer remains,

the tack holds nothing,

and he never returned from lunch.

Prompt: Slam

Your Lies

It was a normal conversation,

then you told your tale.

I said nothing at all,

just to see it derail.

Every time you speak,

a lie comes out.

You think I am fooled,

but I know without a doubt.

In the beginning, it was hard

to contain all my rage.

But now, I just watch

you on your little stage.

You say many things

impressive, if true.

But I know they’re not —

so go find somebody new.

We Rise

Do you think that history allows this?

The past is where it should be, in the past.

All reasons invalid, not there

and never have been.

Do you think that since I’d be knocked out if you punched me,

that allows you to feel superior to me?

Your need to assert your dominance over me brings out issues in yourself

that hurting me could never fix.

Step down from your pedestal

that all your ancestors built.

Recognize me, understand me, accept me,

because we’re rising stronger than ever,

ready to fight for what we’ve never been given.

Demean me now, I dare you,

’cause now you’re the villain,

and I have an army at my side,

ready for battle.