Well-Dressed Sports Heads, Episode 6

  • Well-Dressed Sports Heads, Episode 6, featuring Jared Pendak, Maggie Cassidy and David Bailey.

Friday, May 25, 2018

EPISODE 6. (First broadcast on Facebook Live on May 25, 2018.) This week we're introducing sports writer Jared Pendak into the discussion. He joins ol' regulars David Bailey and Maggie Cassidy (DJing with comments in the background), PLUS any of you who want to join the discussion.

If you’re watching on the re-broadcast, you can still comment with your questions and we'll try to answer them next time! And about that “next time”: We are taking next week off, so we will see you back here on Facebook Live the afternoon of Friday, June 8.

Stories referenced in this episode:

On The Beaten Path: TSA’s Trail Crew Embracing The Outdoors (May 20, 2018)

Tigers on a Mission, in Search of First NHIAA Softball Title (May 23, 2018)