Plainfield voters pass school budget, approve exploring Cornish school collaboration

Published: 03-18-2024 3:38 PM

PLAINFIELD — At the annual school meeting on Saturday, voters reduced a proposed amount for a capital reserve fund from $75,000 to $10,000.

They approved all other articles as warned, including an $8.5 million operating budget, 177-58, Superintendent Sydney Leggett said. They also approved the cost of new bargaining agreements with teachers and support staff. The first year of the new teachers contract is expected to cost $187,000 and the first year of the support staff agreement is expected to cost $67,000. 

In non-money articles, voters approved the creation of a planning committee to explore creating a collaborative district with the Cornish School District and the creation of a Middle School Consolidation Study Committee to consider collaborating with Cornish to educate students in grades 6 to 8, including the possibility of consolidating students into one school. Cornish approved similar articles at its school meeting the week before.

At Town Meeting also on Saturday, voters approved a $3 million town operating budget.

The budget passed easily, 189 to 12, according to Town Clerk Michelle Marsh.

After an hour of discussion, Plainfield voters also approved an article to authorize the Selectboard to enter into a contract for the collection of household trash and recycling, 177-19.