Out & About: Grantham Celebrates 250th With Town-Wide Scavenger Hunt

  • Two locations that are clues on the Great Grantham Scavenger Hunt. (Courtesy of Rick Kaszeta)

  • Two locations that are clues on the Great Grantham Scavenger Hunt. (Courtesy of Rick Kaszeta)

Valley News Calendar Editor
Monday, August 06, 2018

Grantham — As part of Grantham’s 250th celebration, the town’s conservation commission and historical society have teamed up for a scavenger hunt.

The Great Grantham Scavenger Hunt of 2018 encourages people to learn more about the history, topography and places in the town.

“We thought it would be good to find something that would get people to explore a little more,” said Rich Kaszeta, director of the scavenger hunt and member of the conservation commission.

The hunt has about 50 clues divided up into seven categories: buildings, ruins, parks, historical markets, cemeteries, ponds and miscellaneous history.

“One of the things I found living in Grantham is a lot of people don’t know what’s there,” Kaszeta said. This includes places of historical significance such as the Leavitt Hill Cemetery and the Old Miller Pond Mill.

After participants find each location using the clues provided, they must take a photograph to prove that they found it.

Once complete, photo collections can be shown to a conservation commission member through email (puzzle@granthamscavengerhunt.com), by sharing an online photo album, printing the photographs out or by bringing a device with photographs on them for a member to view in person.

“Our goal was to make something that everybody could do,” Kaszeta said. He encourages people to team up in groups.

The hunt is not limited to Grantham residents. It is open to anyone who has an interest in learning about the town and will remain open through Labor Day weekend. Winners will receive a pin commemorating the town’s 250th anniversary.

Joey Holmes, a lifelong Grantham resident, teamed up with her friend Gretchen Fairweather to complete the hunt. One of her favorite locations to visit was Brookside Park and the various cemeteries.

“We did it together and it was fun,” Holmes said.

Holmes has worked at Grantham’s Dunbar Free Library for years and said that nearly everywhere she goes in town, someone says hello to her.

“It’s still a friendly town,” she said.

Editor’s note: For more information, visit http://www.granthamscavengerhunt.com/. Liz Sauchelli can be reached at esauchelli@vnews.com or 603-727-3221.