Editorial: Response to campus protests only adds fuel to the fire

05-03-2024 9:01 PM

It’s far too soon to tell what the ultimate effect will be of the demonstrations that have roiled college campuses this spring, including those at Dartmouth, the University of New Hampshire and the University of Vermont. But we hazard an educated...

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Editorial: It can be hard to know exactly when to call it quits

05-24-2024 10:00 PM

Many baby boomers can probably identify with the Dick McCormack dilemma: Should I stay or should I go?McCormack, who has represented Windsor County in the Vermont Senate for 30 years, has decided to go. He announced in March that he would not seek...

Column: US Foreign Service deserve public’s attention and support

05-24-2024 2:25 PM


The centennial of the Foreign Service Act of 1924, which established the United States diplomatic service as we know it today, will occur on May 24. It is an anniversary that will go largely unnoticed because few Americans know what the Foreign...

Forum for May 24, 2024: Vermont’s lost submarine

05-24-2024 2:21 PM

Memorial for a submarine lost at seaAt the Veterans Administration hospital in White River Junction is a memorial dedicated to the Submarine USS Flier (SS 250), which was lost during World War II. Ever mindful of our lost shipmates, friends and family...

A Yankee Notebook: A life of hope leads to a time of anticipation

05-24-2024 2:19 PM


When my wife and I were married, back in 1959, our prospects were so grim that the priest to whom we went for our church-mandated counseling gave our union — “frankly,” he said — a one-in-10 chance of survival. She went to work in an S&H Green Stamp...

Forum for May 23, 2024: Vermont data privacy

05-24-2024 2:18 PM

Data privacy bill deserves support I support the Vermont Data Privacy Act, which has passed the House and Senate and is on its way to the governor’s desk. Vermonters deserve to be able to understand and control how their personal information is...

Forum for May 22, 2024: Vermont education secretary

05-24-2024 2:15 PM

Vermont needs Zoie SaundersThe May 1 Valley News featured a lengthy article about the Democrat-dominated Vermont Senate’s vote to reject Gov. Scott’s nominee Zoie Saunders for Education Secretary. Hartford’s own Becca White, D-Windsor, claimed to have...

Column: Governor should sign Vermont flood safety bill

05-24-2024 2:14 PM


The Flood Safety Act, S.213, makes changes to Vermont’s statues to help Vermont become more resilient to future flooding. The massive flooding of recent years caused billions of dollars in damage, destroying homes, businesses, roads, and other...

Column: Vermonter’s need real data security

05-24-2024 2:12 PM


Everything we do and say online is cataloged every moment of every day of our lives. Sometimes we know what’s being collected and tracked, but we decide to trade permission for convenience. Most of the time, we don’t even realize what is being...

Forum for May 20, 2024: Dartmouth’s decisive action

05-24-2024 2:12 PM

Dartmouth took decisive action“If you want to take Vienna, take Vienna,” Napoleon is said to have quipped. In other words, be decisive, employ sufficient force to accomplish your objective quickly with minimal damage. That is what Dartmouth and local...

Column: The value of meeting new and different people

05-17-2024 10:01 PM


In the fall, Dartmouth College will bring to its campus a student body of 1209 young strangers, men, women, genderqueer/nonbinary/trans, including first-generation college-goers, international students, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native...

A Solitary Walker: Rich woods, handsome plants and forest succession

05-17-2024 9:01 PM


The two little brown dogs and I crossed over our river, the West Branch of the Ompompanoosuc, a couple of weeks ago for a hike up into the rich woods nearby. We headed uphill to the fir swamp where my favorite liverwort— handsome woolywort grows. How...

Forum for May 18, 2024: Hanover’s Gaza resolution

05-17-2024 8:00 PM

Hanover’s Gaza resolution is ‘abuse of local government’I am dismayed by the outcome of the recent Hanover Town Meeting. Not because I opposed the resolution demanding an end to military aid to Israel; I was appalled that we were voting on it in the...

A Yankee Notebook: Old stones and new vitality in a European city

05-17-2024 2:53 PM


Tom’s Taxi, of Lynn, Massachusetts, has been faithful as the sun for us. If you tell them that one of you uses a cane, they usually send a van. Which I do, and which they did. About half an hour later we pulled up in front of Portugal Airlines, paid...

Forum for May 17, 2024: Presidential debates

05-17-2024 2:39 PM

Two cheers for debatesI was somewhat encouraged when I heard the news that CNN has invited Biden and Trump to have a debate next month and that the candidates apparently have agreed that there will be no audience in attendance. When I wrote a previous...

Column: Let’s send to Congress someone who knows New Hampshire people

05-17-2024 2:37 PM


As we head into campaign season, and with U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster’s retirement this fall, New Hampshire’s second congressional district will be an open seat race for the first time in over a decade. As voters, let’s begin this race with a promise to...

Forum for May 16, 2024: Free speech at Dartmouth

05-17-2024 2:37 PM

Dartmouth should back free speechI am writing in support of the Dartmouth students, faculty, staff and community members who have been exercising their first amendment rights to speak out against genocide in Palestine. The Dartmouth administration was...

Forum for May 15, 2024: Silence at Dartmouth

05-17-2024 2:36 PM

Silence at DartmouthI find it unfortunate that Dartmouth “postponed” a visiting lecturer, Dr Alice Rothchild, who had been invited to campus by college faculty and Geisel medical faculty. She was to give a talk later this month about “Maternal-child...

Forum for May 14, 2024: Dartmouth astray

05-17-2024 2:34 PM

Dartmouth goes astrayI am a retired Dartmouth faculty member, and I am bewildered by how a group of current faculty can support the sort of uncontrolled use of force exhibited by the Hanover and State police following President Beilock’s summons.In my...

Forum for May 13, 2024: John Kemeny’s war

05-13-2024 11:37 AM

John Kemeny’s warMay 1 marked the 60th anniversary of John Kemeny and Tom Kurtz inventing the computer programming language BASIC at Dartmouth. This represented a huge breakthrough in the democratization of programming, sending it global and leading...

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