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Many NH primaries in the Upper Valley are all but decided

Valley News Staff Writer
Published: 6/23/2022 10:18:05 PM
Modified: 6/23/2022 10:17:46 PM

Primary season is approaching in New Hampshire, but voters in the Upper Valley won’t have many choices to make. Few races have drawn enough candidates to set up intraparty clashes on the Sept. 13 primary ballot.

Candidates for office had from June 1 to 10 to declare their candidacy for office and be on the ballot. The general election will be held Nov. 8.

In many of the Upper Valley seats in the House of Representatives, there will be no choice.

In Grafton County District 12, however, there will be six Hanover Democrats, including four incumbents, all competing for the four available seats. Mary A. Hakken-Phillips, Russell Muirhead, James M. Murphy and Sharon Nordgren are seeking reelection. Miles Brown and Nicolas Macri are hoping to break through and claim one of the seats.

No Republicans declared for the four seats in one of the bluest areas of the state. Nor did they field a candidate in any of the five seats in Districts 13-17, which include Lebanon and Enfield.

Declared candidates for those offices include Laurel Stavis, of Lebanon, in District 13; George Sykes, of Lebanon, in District 14; Thomas Cormen, of Lebanon, in District 15; Joshua Adjutant, of Enfield, in District 16; and Susan W. Almy, of Lebanon, in District 17.

There will be a primary on the Republican side for three seats in Sullivan District 3, which includes the towns of Charlestown, Newport and Unity.

Republican voters will choose three from among four candidates including Tobin Menard, of Newport; Skip Rollins, of Newport; Steven Smith, of Charlestown; and Walter Spilsbury, of Charlestown. The top three candidates will advance to the general election. The three Democrats who announced include Virginia O’Brien Irwin, of Newport; John W. Streeter, of Charlestown; and Linda Kristina Wadensten, of Newport.

In District 18, which includes the Upper Valley towns of Canaan, Dorchester, Enfield and Grafton, the GOP has two contenders in the primary. John Sellers, R-Bristol, and Andrew Ware, R-Grafton, will compete for the right to face Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban, D-Bridgewater.

In the state Senate, just one district including Upper Valley towns will see a primary race.

In Senate District 7, which includes the Upper Valley towns of Grafton and Orange, two Bradford Republicans will face off for the nomination. Thomas A. Dunne and Daniel E. Innis, will compete for the right to challenge Richard A. Lobban, Jr., D-Bridgewater, for the seat.

Candidates for three other Senate seats representing Upper Valley towns will not face a primary.

In Senate District 1, which includes the Upper Valley towns of Haverhill and Piermont, the resignation of Sen. Erin Hennessey, a Littleton Republican, leaves the seat open for either Democrat Edith Tucker, of Randolph, or Republican Carrie Gendreau, of Littleton.

In District 5, incumbent Sue Prentiss, D-West Lebanon, will be challenged by John McIntyre, R-Hanover, in the general election.

And, in District 8, incumbent Ruth Ward, R-Stoddard, has a challenge from former Claremont Mayor Charlene Marcotte Lovett, D-Claremont.

One Upper Valley candidate has thrown his hat in the ring for the District 2 seat on the Executive Council. The race features three Democrats and two Republicans vying for the office.

Michael J. Cryans, D-Hanover; Bradford P. Todd, D-Keene; and incumbent Cinde Warmington, D-Concord, will run in the Democratic primary to earn the right to compete in the general election, while Harold F. French, R-Canterbury, and Kim Strathdee, R-Lincoln, will try to carry the GOP ticket.

Recent redistricting made it harder for an Upper Valley contender to win the seat as much larger voting populations in Concord and elsewhere give candidates from those areas the advantage.

At the county level, there is one race for a Grafton County Commissioner seat.

District 2 will feature a primary contest between Republicans Glenn Libby and Matthew D. Bjelobrk, both of Haverhill. The winner will have Democrat Martha Stroup McLeod, of Franconia, waiting in the general.

Meanwhile, Wendy A. Piper, D-Enfield, is running unopposed for reelection to District 1 in Grafton County.

In District 3, the incumbent Omer C. Ahern, Jr, R-Wentworth, has no primary opposition but will face Marcia Morris, D-Alexandria, in November.

In Sullivan County, two of three seats are up for election with the third elected on a different cycle.

Commission Chairman George Hebert, R-Goshen, and Vice-Chairman Bennie Nelson, R-Newport, are both running unopposed for reelection.

Darren Marcy can be reached at or 802-291-4992.

Executive Council District 2

Michael J. Cryans, D-Hanover

Bradford P. Todd, D-Keene

Cinde Warmington, D-Concord

Harold F. French, R-Canterbury

Kim Strathdee, R-Lincoln

New Hampshire Senate District 1

Edith Tucker, D-Randolph.

Carrie L. Gendreau, R-Littleton

District 5

Sue Prentiss, D-West Lebanon

John McIntyre, R-Hanover

District 7

Richard A. Lobban, Jr., D-Bridgewater

Thomas A. Dunne, R-Bradford

Daniel E. Innis, R-Bradford

District 8

Charlene Marcotte Lovett, D-Claremont

Ruth Ward, R-Stoddard

State RepresentativeGrafton County District 5 — 2 Seats

Matthew Coulon, R-Haverhill

Rick Ladd, R-Haverhill

District 6 — 1 Seat

Craig Tomlinson, D-Orford

Jeffrey Greeson, R-Wentworth

District 9 — 1 Seat

Corinne Morse, D-Canaan

Donald McFarlane, R-Orange

District 11 — 1 Seat

Catherine Mulholland, D-Grafton

Lex Berezhny, R-Grafton

District 12 — 4 Seat

Miles Brown, D-Hanover

Mary A. Hakken-Phillips, D-Hanover

Nicolas Macri, D-Hanover

Russell Muirhead, D-Hanover

James M. Murphy, D-Hanover

Sharon Nordgren, D-Hanover

District 13 — 1 Seat

Laurel Stavis, D-Lebanon

District 14 — 1 Seat

George Sykes, D-Lebanon

District 15 — 1 Seat

Thomas Cormen, D-Lebanon

District 16 — 1 Seat

Joshua Adjutant, D-Enfield

District 17 — 1 Seat

Susan W. Almy, D-Lebanon

District 18 — 1 Seat

Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban, D-Bridgewater

John Sellers, R-Bristol

Andrew Ware, R-Grafton

State RepresentativeSullivan County District 1 — 1 Seat

Brian Sullivan, D-Grantham

Tanya McIntire, R-Grantham

District 2 — 1 Seat

William Palmer, D-Cornish

Virginia Drye, R-Plainfield

District 3 — 3 Seats

Virginia O’Brien Irwin, D-Newport

John W. Streeter, D-Charlestown

Linda Kristina Wadensten, D-Newport

Tobin Menard, R-Newport

Skip Rollins, R-Newport

Steven Smith, R-Charlestown

Walter Spilsbury, R-Charlestown

District 4 — 1 Seat

Bruce L. Cragin, D-Lempster

Judy Aron, R-Acworth

District 5 — 1 Seat

Linda Tanner, D-Sunapee

George C. Grant, R-Sunapee

District 6 — 3 Seats

John R. Cloutier, D-Claremont

Gary Merchant, D-Claremont

Andrew S. O’Hearne, D-Claremont

Jeremy Herrell, R-Claremont

Sean F. McCarthy, R-Claremont

Walter A. Stapleton, R-Claremont

District 7 — 1 Seat

Jason Bourne, D-Cornish

Larry Flint, D-Newport

Margaret M. Drye, R-Plainfield

District 8 — 2 Seats

Hope Damon, D-Croydon

Robert Lovett, Jr., D-Claremont

Don Bettencourt, R-Sunapee

Jonathan F. Stone, R-Claremont

Grafton County Sheriff

Jeffrey F. Stiegler, D-Haverhill

County Attorney

Martha Ann Hornick, D-Littleton

County Treasurer

Karen Liot Hill, D-Lebanon

Register of Deeds

Kelley Jean Monahan, D-Orford

John H. Randlett, R-Plymouth

Register of Probate

Paul Ingbretson, R-Haverhill

County Commissioner District 1

Wendy A. Piper, D-Enfield

County Commissioner District 2

Martha Stroup McLeod, D-Franconia

Glenn Libby, R-Haverhill

Matthew D. Bjelobrk, R-Haverhill

County Commissioner District 3

Omer C. Ahern, Jr, R-Wentworth

Marcia Morris, D-Alexandria

Sullivan County Sheriff

John P. Simonds, R-Claremont

County Attorney

Jay Buckey, D-Grantham

Marc Hathaway, R-Newport

County Treasurer

Michael Sanderson, R-Newport

Register of Deeds

Janet Gibson, R-Newport

Register of Probate

Kathleen Eames, D-Charlestown

Rodd Ward, R-Newport

County Commissioner District 2

Bennie Nelson, R-Newport

County Commissioner District 3

George Hebert, R-Goshen

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