Published: 6/4/2020 9:55:40 PM
Modified: 6/4/2020 9:55:31 PM

NORTH SUTTON, N.H. — Kearsarge Regional High School ended classes for the year this week after conferring diplomas on graduating seniors in a virtual ceremony that will be posted to the Kearsarge District Facebook page and the district website.

The class of 2020 includes: Ry Allard, Anthony Anderson, Marliese Baer, Mia Barron, Jenna Bears, Cameron Bennett, Benjamin Blakeslee, Xavier Blasingame, Jovanie Bostick, Shane Boucher, Caroline Bourque, Odin Brayshaw, Shannon Breault, Jordan Busch, Bennett Call, Gabrielle Call, Benjamin Carl, Lucretia Chabot, Ozali Charlebois, Erin Chouinard, Jenna Cook, Garrett Cote, Juliette Courtine, Madison Davis, Aiden Decelle, Alexander DiDominic, Gage Dionne, Mya Dube, Connar Dunn, Steven Durling, Adian Elliott, Isabelle Fantasia-Monigle, Morgan Fleury, Andrew Flinkstrom, Josiah Gage, Matthew Gallison, Patrick Geary, Dominic Gelina, Courtney Goodwin, Andrew Grilo, Brady Grzanna, Trevor Haas, Healy Hager, Conor Hallenborg, Nathan Harris, Madison Hemingway, Livia Hernon, Shannon Higgins, Hailey Hogancamp, Jake Hubbard, Katherine Kelly, Jackson Kulacz, Connor Labonville, Andrew Lagos, Nickolaus LeBlanc, Edward Leonard, Trever Lima, Olivia Lord, Christopher Lubrano, Rosario Lucente-Kirkpatrick, Ellie Madigan, Isabelle Mann, Molli Mayo, Aidan McCullough, Elizabeth McKelvy, Mary Meagher, Amber Merrill, Caitlyn Messer, William Moore, Brodie Mulligan, Kylie O’Keefe, Marcus Olson, Maximus Olson, Lily Pelkey-Jacobson, Alexis Phyllides, Marissa Pickman, Ashley Place, Steven Rayno, Christopher Richardson, Brandon Ross-Thompson, Justine Ruggles, Peter Russell, Seth Rutledge-Davis, Cohl Schusler, Patrick Seward, Noah Shields, Tyler Sidmore, Elizabeth Soule, MacKenna St. Lawrence, Nathan St. Pierre, Isaac Stearns, Edward Stowell, Aaron Sullivan, Paulina Surprenant, Emily Swindell, Erin Taylor, Aaron Thayer, Brianna Tilton, Emily Ventola, Brandon Waddell.

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