Hawks Talk Podcast: S2, Ep. 5, Featuring Will Carnley and Cory Gill

  • The Hawks Talk podcast with Valley News sports reporter Josh Weinreb features interviews with the Upper Valley Nighthawks as they continue their second season in the New England Collegiate Baseball League.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Troy University relief pitchers Cory Gill and Will Carnley explain the unique culture of this season’s Upper Valley Nighthawks bullpen. What makes it tick? How does one get inducted into the group? What makes this group of bullpen pitchers different? Most importantly: Who’s the best spades player on the team?

The Alabama pair also dig into the biggest difference and similarities between Vermont and Alabama, Carnley’s love for Star Wars and who would win in a all-out brawl between the superheroes from he D.C. universe and the Marvel universe. It’s all discussed, and more, with host Valley News sports reporter Josh Weinreb. You can find past episodes at our Soundcloud account.