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Forum, Dec. 1: Man vs. squirrel

Published: 12/1/2022 11:10:49 AM
Modified: 12/1/2022 11:10:36 AM
Man vs. squirrel II

I sympathize with Dan Mackie, and everyone else hereabouts, who’s tearing their hair out over squirrels relentlessly raiding their black-oil sunflower seed stations with insouciant impunity. (“Over Easy: Yet more yard signs,” Nov. 26.)

The fancy bird-feeder industry loves those clever thieves, though, and knows that desperate finch, cardinal, nuthatch, woodpecker, chickadee, junco and titmouse fanciers will spare no expense to deprive the clever gray raiders of meals not rightfully theirs. The “Squirrel Buster” that Dan mentions, for example: $148.47 at Walmart (pole-mount adaptor sold separately). But there’s no need to spend that kind of scratch on birdseed protection.

Just head down to Dan & Whit’s back room for a $20 wrap-around squirrel baffle and a $15 shepherd’s hook hanger. The squirrels around our yard gave up trying to get their greedy paws around the feeders long ago. Now they just wait impatiently on the ground for seeds falling from above.

Jim Zien


Gratitude in Grafton County

To the voters in Grafton County District 18, thank you for the win. Your vote and trust really mean a lot to me and I hope live up to your expectations. To my supporters, family and friends, thank you for all your hard work and support.

This election was too close for comfort, four votes of 8,454 votes cast separated the winner from the loser. This link will give you the vote count by town, select the Grafton County Excel downloadable document All towns including Enfield and Canaan showed their support for me (even though I did not win these two towns I got more votes from them than expected, thank you). This will be one tough, tough job trying to represent all because we are so divided. We need to find ways to compromise where we can for the better of us all. To show logical factual information to our discussions on topics where we don’t agree so that we might agree going forward. I want to understand why we don’t agree because I believe we have more in common than not. It takes at least two to talk so let’s start talking. You can reach me at or call/text 603.787.3110. Visit the website for updates and other news/events. 

Thanks again for your vote and trust, have a wonderful, Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends and let’s have a productive and safe two years. 

John Sellers

State Representative-Elect, Grafton District 18

A tale of two Erics

Credit where credit is due. Alex Hanson’s Nov. 25 column “Local meets global on silver screen, stage” was in error when he stated that Carol Dunne collaborated with Eric Bunge in adapting The Railway Children for the stage. Indeed it was Eric Love who collaborated with Carol to develop, direct, and mount the delightful musical play.

Both Eric Love and Eric Bunge have been integral members of the Northern Stage family and have, over several years, contributed their talents to help create the excellence that we have come to expect from Northern Stage.

Happily, Eric Love’s name is prominently placed in the program next to Dunne’s.

Karen Blum


Let’s not emulate China

I write in response to a recent letter in the Forum (“China’s COVID policy beats ours,” Nov. 22), with no disrespect or ill will toward the people of China nor toward Asian-Americans.

It is shocking to me that anyone in America, regardless of political party or views on the COVID situation, should imply that the US government be more like the government of Communist China in imposing restrictions on civil liberties. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson: “Those who would trade freedom for safety deserve neither.”

Debra L. Diegoli


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