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Forum, Aug. 18: Title IX at Dartmouth

Published: 8/19/2022 5:25:24 PM
Modified: 8/19/2022 5:21:56 PM
Title IX story omitted key figure

The front page story regarding the impact of Title IX on athletics at Dartmouth and in the Upper Valley (“Title Change: 50 years later, how Title IX impacted athletics at Dartmouth and in the Upper Valley” Aug. 14) tells of an important period of notable, positive change. Benjamin Rosenberg’s piece suffers significantly, however, by its glaring failure to mention one of the most important figures in Dartmouth athletics, Josie Harper. It is a disservice to Josie, to Dartmouth and to former president James Wright not to have highlighted that she was chosen by him to be the first female director of athletics in the Ivy league.

Josie served and represented Dartmouth with extraordinary distinction for 28 years. She was a successful and beloved coach of women’s lacrosse, taking teams to the NCAA tournament and winning Dartmouth’s first two Ivy League championships. During her time as lacrosse coach at Dartmouth, Josie also served as an assistant coach for the U.S. team that won the world championship in 1982, and she coached the 1986 U.S. World Cup team. She was assistant director then associate director of athletics for some 15 years before being named director. The devotion of the women who played for and were mentored and inspired by Josie was recognized in 2021 when the generosity of a number of her former players endowed the women’s head lacrosse coach’s position, naming it in her honor.

Josie is emblematic of the vital, spirited and successful presence of women in athletics at Dartmouth, and her impact on that should have been highlighted rather than overlooked.

Alfred and Karen Blum


Candidate for N.H. House

My name is Greg Sargent and I am running for the New Hampshire House to serve Newbury and New London to ensure our community — where we treat each other with decency and respect — endures for our children and grandchildren. I am a graduate of N.H. public schools, including UNH, a Newbury homeowner, a business leader, a nonprofit volunteer leader and a lifelong hockey player.

I believe a leader should empower, inspire and uplift. I believe in reproductive rights, a well-funded public education system, the right to be who you are free of discrimination, the right to clean water and air, a favorable business and tax environment, and letting teachers teach.

Many of us in Newbury and New London grew up with exceptional role models, reproductive rights, the right to marry who we love, and the right to be free from discrimination. We also grew up with a quality public education system. The NH House, however, has a Republican majority with leaders and members who prefer to put others down and to ban these rights. For instance, certain Republicans introduced a radical bill in 2022 to ban abortion at six weeks (two weeks after a missed period), which the House tabled by a 185 to 143 vote (meaning 143 current Republican Representatives presumably support this ban). Republicans also passed a last-minute amendment to the 2021 budget, the “Banned Concepts Act,” banning teachers from teaching purportedly “divisive” topics related to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability.

This election is bigger than any candidate and voting for someone whose party believes in the rights that matter to our community is paramount to ensure their existence. Please vote for Rep. Karen Ebel and me to represent Newbury and New London, and to flip the N.H. House blue.

Greg Sargent

Newbury, N.H.

Vermont Democrats reject ‘agreeable moderates’

As much as Becca Balint’s win is a plus for Vermont progressives, it was a repudiation of the “go along and get along” attitudes of the Leahy, Welch, Kunin and Dean faction of the Vermont Democrats. Rather than just be the agreeable moderates who have been bludgeoned by vengeful and uncompromising Republicans, the overwhelming defeat of Molly Gray is an emphatic statement by the voters that they want their representatives to stand for principled policies that support the vast majority of Americans. There needs to be more strident and outspoken voices in Congress pushing for tax reform, education, worker benefits and family support.

It is gratifying to see that Bernie will have a genuine collaborator in the House.

David Russell


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