Forum, July 24: Miles Brown for House

Published: 8/1/2022 12:27:40 PM
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Miles Brown for NH House

This past winter, I was horrified to read an article in this paper about the attack on SAU 70’s JBAB policy, which protects trans students from discrimination. The litigation, if successful, would out closeted children to their parents and threaten the ability of students to have their pronouns respected.

In the age of the Dobbs decision and “Don’t Say Gay,” attacks on trans youth are the norm. Dozens of bills have been introduced across the country restricting youth access to trans healthcare, banning trans children from competing in sports, and preventing open discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools. This litigation is part of an intentional political attack on LGBTQ+ youth.

I take issue with reducing a marginalized community into simply another hot-button political issue. There are lives at stake. When we talk about trans rights, we are talking about the ability of children to understand their own identity, express themselves to others, and feel accepted in this world. But when such a fundamental part of their identity is pushed under the rug, students feel alone. They feel like they have to hide and be ashamed of who they are. In the absence of administrative support, students will feel lost. Misinformation will spread, and trans children will be ostracized. Kids with unaccepting parents won’t have a place to be themselves — and they may even be outed, putting them at risk at home.

Lawmakers who are removed from their educational experiences might forget the importance of feeling comfortable at school. Younger politicians are more in touch with today’s youth. They understand the value of policies that promote an understanding of diversity and emphasize social-emotional learning. A student who doesn’t feel confident and safe is not ready to learn.

New Hampshire needs more young people like Miles Brown in government. Miles is in tune with our changing society, and he is prepared to help every student thrive. His emphasis on mental health and respecting diversity will improve the climate of our schools, making students excited to learn. We can do better for children.

Clark Paolini

Dartmouth College student, Hanover

IUDs are not for everyone

I’m sure Mr. Shaffer meant well in suggesting the government pay for IUDs for everyone who wants one (“Free IUDs for all who want one,” July 17). But his description of IUDs as “Effective. Long Lasting. Safe” is simplistic. My daughter is an IUD baby who turns 50 this year.

Getting an IUD inserted hurts, and they are not for everyone, especially for those without a uterus. I also think it presumptuous for a man, in a public forum, to be telling women what kind of birth control they should use.

In a separate letter, the same day, Mr. Thron suggests the real problem regarding abortion is that people are having sex that they shouldn’t (“Women, abstain from casual sex,” July 17).

He makes it clear that by people, he means unmarried women, who, as a career move, should say no to sexual gratification, presumably to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Mr. Thron displays a stunning lack of imagination or an abundance of ignorance regarding safe and effective methods of sexual gratification which do not result in pregnancies.

He might want to talk to Mr. Shaffer, who can tell him about IUDs.

Deborah Kennedy


Choose either inflation or recession

It looks like the Federal Reserve Board will choose to stop high inflation with large interest rate hikes — that will help those already with much wealth in our country. (After all, we don’t want them to lose any of it.)

This will undoubtedly be the choice — even though it will probably lead to a recession — which will have a negative impact especially on the middle and lower socio-economic classes in America.

And this choice will be consistent with one of the two goals mandated by the Fed legislation, i.e., prevent high inflation.

This legislation is also consistent with ongoing “structured inequality” in our nation. In other words, “the wealthy always come out on top.”

Philip Eller


Abject failure in Ukraine by West

Again on my nightly news feed there was horrifying news of the tragedy in Ukraine

More civilians and children killed — to say nothing of tens of thousands of civilians displaced and more faultless Ukrainian soldiers killed and wounded

Essentially, all of the “Western “leaders” have failed to learn from history that delusional dictators must be confronted and defeated at the outset of evil aggression.

It seems the “West” is willing to sacrifice the Ukrainian victims on the altar of weakness.

The abject failure begins with failure to demonstrate adequate moral outrage. It continues with the delusional concept that Putin can be deterred by economic sanctions that do not cause him personal pain. He has proven that the death of perhaps 50,000 of his own troops (so far) is of no concern and the impending impoverishment of the Russian people is a worthwhile tradeoff to him. And this does not ascribe to him directly impending starvation of many people due to the cutoff of grain supplies in the near east and eastern Africa.

Our “leaders” have failed to date to provide us with moral and national leadership and unfortunately there appears to only be more abject failure resulting in more death and destruction

Pity the Ukrainian people

Paul Tierney


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