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Forum, Sept. 4: Sue Prentiss will fight for the working families in District 5

Published: 9/3/2020 10:00:10 PM
Modified: 9/3/2020 10:00:01 PM
Sue Prentiss will fight for the working families in District 5

We urge voters in Tuesday’s Democratic primary to cast ballots for Sue Prentiss for New Hampshire Senate from District 5. We believe she has the best overall experience now needed to effectively fight for the interests of all District 5’s nine communities, especially Claremont.

Working families are the backbone of Claremont, and the fact that she supports measures important to working families, such as access to affordable health care, a living wage and paid family and medical leave is vital. No wonder the State Employees Association/Service Employees International Union 1984, Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, Teamsters Local 633 and New Hampshire AFL-CIO have all endorsed her.

Furthermore, Prentiss’ background in public health, including service as the first female emergency medical services chief at New Hampshire’s Department of Safety is very valuable in this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Among other achievements, as emergency medical services chief, she placed more than 300 automatic external defibrillators, or AEDs, in public places throughout our state.

Additionally, she has an extensive background in municipal government, serving as a member of the Lebanon City Council for the past 11 years, including two years as Lebanon’s mayor. As a city councilor and mayor, she led efforts to pass anti-discrimination protections for transgender employees and voted for drinking water protection, open space preservation and anti-sprawl measures. Her common-sense approach to public policy has helped produce results for the last 30 years she has served the public.

In conclusion, please vote for Sue Prentiss for New Hampshire Senate from District 5.



The writers represent the Sullivan 10 district and the Sullivan 4 district, respectively, in the New Hampshire House.

Beatriz Pastor is known as a smart, effective legislator

Beatriz Pastor, a candidate for the New Hampshire District 5 Senate seat in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, is known in Concord as a smart and effective legislator. Her candidacy is widely supported by her former legislative colleagues, who are understandably eager for her to return to the Statehouse.

Residents of District 5 who live outside of the towns Pastor served during her six years in the House may be less familiar with her skills and experience. I hope they have a chance to learn more about her because she is most assuredly the best candidate for this Senate seat.

Our senators need to be adept at straddling two worlds, engaging with local-level issues while negotiating the labyrinth of state-level political realities. Pastor’s record in Concord demonstrates that she is ready and able to tackle this job.

During her six years there, Pastor was a tireless advocate for her constituents. Their concerns were her top priority. She was accessible to all and encouraged everyone to share their problems and ideas with her.

Her hallmark accomplishments as a member of the House’s Science, Technology and Energy Committee — expanding local energy efficiency and broadband access — demonstrate her ability to develop state-level programs that solve local problems.

Expanding energy efficiency is even more crucial today than it was a decade ago, when Pastor sponsored legislation known as PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy), a financing mechanism that enables low-cost, long-term funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. It is designed to get money directly to individuals who want to make green upgrades to their homes and businesses. And broadband access, slowly expanding to even our smallest towns through state-level funding mechanisms, could not be more important for all of us during this time of Zoom and social distancing.

There is always more to be done. Beatriz Pastor brings vision, energy and experience to solving problems on our behalf. She will get my vote, and she deserves yours, too. Please join me in supporting her on Tuesday.



Sue Prentiss is a model of leadership

It is an honor to serve as chairperson for Sue Prentiss’ campaign for state Senate. I have known her since I was 18 years old. We have taught together, responded to emergencies together, and we both ran for elected office together. She has served New Hampshire with distinction, under pressure and during some challenging times in our profession.

I know how important leadership is in the New Hampshire Legislature. As a five-term state representative, I have voted on thousands of bills, served in House leadership, including as chairman of the Labor Committee and as the Democratic floor leader. Throughout her 30-year public service career, Sue Prentiss has taken on leadership positions time after time; she was even the first female chief of emergency medical services at New Hampshire’s Department of Safety.

She has modeled her strength and effective leadership even during this campaign, weathering numerous attacks without responding in kind. Most recently, a group of current and former legislators attempted to tarnish her reputation with the track record of a former presidential candidate.

With hundreds of votes of her own as an elected official over 11 years, Prentiss has a long record for voters to examine directly. From combating climate change and supporting alternative energy investments to fighting for transgender employee non-discrimination protections and racial justice, regional cooperation for public health initiatives like the recent mask ordinances, and advocating for public transportation and affordable housing, her progressive record is clear.

Although it has become a practice for outgoing state senators to handpick their successors, this Senate seat rightly belongs to the voters of Canaan, Charlestown, Claremont, Cornish, Enfield, Hanover, Lebanon, Lyme and Plainfield.

When I compare the candidates based on public policy experience, leadership qualities and skills at bringing people together, I believe Sue Prentiss is best suited to serve the working families, small businesses, health care institutions and communities of our district.

I know that she will approach the serious issues facing our state with inclusivity, positive, forward-thinking energy without engaging in tiresome, divisive and hurtful rhetoric that accomplishes nothing.



The writer is a former state representative and a retired Lebanon Fire Department captain.

Beatriz Pastor earns strong endorsement

I applaud the recent letter in support of Beatriz Pastor, candidate for New Hampshire Senate from District 5 (“Current, former legislators back Beatriz Pastor,” Aug. 29), which was signed by Martha Hennessey, David Pierce, Liza Draper, Chuck Townsend, Patricia Higgins, Linda Tanner, Brian Sullivan and Lee Oxenham. These individuals are current and former state representatives, a candidate for state representative, and current and former state senators.

This group has extensive legislative experience at the state level and are, in my opinion, in a position to know what qualities and experience would make for an effective state senator. I have had contact with all of them, either by submitting ideas to them, asking questions or by seeking information on proposed legislation. All of them were very responsive to my ideas and questions, even though, in some cases, I was not technically their constituent. They all value community and understand genuine constituent service.

In short, I think the endorsement of Pastor by these individuals speaks volumes to the type of state senator we can look forward to having if we vote on Tuesday for Beatriz Pastor.


West Lebanon

Brittney Joyce will deliver for the Upper Valley

Now, more than ever, we need leaders in New Hampshire who fight for our families and care about our communities. We need leaders who believe that all hardworking Granite Staters deserve a champion in Concord. And we need leaders who put New Hampshire values first and who will move us forward during this challenging time. As my neighbors in Hanover and Lyme vote on Tuesday, I encourage you to vote for a candidate and leader who will deliver for the Upper Valley.

Brittney Joyce is my choice.

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her and her family over the years and have witnessed how her values and compassion lead her in every decision she makes. Her motto is simple, and it’s something she says often: do good, be good.

We’ve talked about the issues that we face here in the Upper Valley — from making our roads and infrastructure safer to investing in education so families choose to stay and grow here in western New Hampshire — and it’s clear she gets it.

And now, as our state works to reopen and rebuild stronger in the wake of this pandemic, she knows how important it is that we support families and small businesses. So many people still need help, and it’s up to our local and state leadership to provide it. Without champions in the Statehouse, our recovery will be at risk.

There’s a lot on the line right now — nationally and here at home. It’s important we choose representatives who will work for us and move our state forward.

I hope you join me in voting for Brittney Joyce for New Hampshire state representative for the Grafton 12 district.



Alternative choices for NH governor

Please check Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto record before deciding who should be the next governor of New Hampshire. The approximately 80 bills he vetoed during the 2019-2020 session include bipartisan legislation that sought to end gerrymandering and reduce the influence of money on politics. Prior to this administration, the most vetoes by a New Hampshire governor in one year was 15.

Gov. Sununu also vetoed bipartisan bills that would have increased support for solar energy and other energy-efficiency programs. By the way, his biggest campaign and inauguration contributors include the fossil fuel industry.

We have two formidable Democratic alternatives: Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes and District 2 Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky, both prominent and well-respected Democrats who are focused on serving the people of New Hampshire, not wealthy donors and the fossil fuel industry.


New London

Write in Joe Osgood

The New Hampshire primary election is on Tuesday. You will notice that the space for Sullivan County commissioner from District 1 is blank. I am asking you to write in Joe Osgood.

He was born in Claremont and has extensive experience serving the people of Sullivan County over the course of his life. Here are some examples: He owned and operated three auto-related businesses in Sullivan County. He served on the Sullivan County Domestic Violence Committee. He served as chief of police in Cornish. He was a four-term state representative. He served as chair of the Sullivan County Finance Committee. He has been a member of the Claremont Airport Advisory Board for 10 years and is still serving. He served on the Claremont City Manager Hiring Committee. And he is willing to serve you again.

The voters deserve a choice this November, and when he was asked to step up, Osgood said “yes” again. He knows private business here in Sullivan County, as well as public service. With the planning of a very expensive nursing home rebuild looming, his common-sense approach and knowledge of county finances is very much needed right now. I hope you will join me in writing in Joe Osgood for Sullivan County commissioner for District 1.



The writer represents the Sullivan 11 district in the New Hampshire House.

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