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Forum, Sept. 3: Thanks for backing these winners

Published: 9/2/2019 10:00:11 PM
Modified: 9/2/2019 10:00:07 PM
Thanks for backing these winners

I would like to say thank you to Dan & Whit’s for the generosity, patience and kindness the business offers to the kids of Norwich, most recently in its sponsorship of my daughter’s and her teammates’ athleticism and spirit.

Four girls, including Rose Keller of Norwich, recently traveled to New York with their horses to represent Region 8 (New England and New York) at the North American Youth Championships in dressage as the Juniors team. Years of preparation for both horse and rider, including training and competitions and travel, culminated in these girls taking home the green ribbon, learning an awful lot, bonding as a team and growing as individuals.

Other area institutions deserve a shoutout: Pirouette Farm, of Norwich, First Choice Riding Academy, of Enfield, and The Putney School bent over backward to help Rose achieve what seemed like an impossible goal. Strafford Saddlery, of Quechee, kindly supported the Young Riders team. Each team represents the highest achievers in their equestrian sport (dressage) at their level on the continent.

Thanks just isn’t enough.



Booker is the best on climate crisis

The climate crisis endangers human lives, threatens our capacity to sustain vulnerable populations and undermines our planet’s ecosystems. We still have a window to take action to mitigate the worst consequences, but it will take an informed leader. We cannot succeed with a science-denying, flimflam man as president. It is imperative that in 2020 we elect a president who understands the threats confronting us, as well as the policies that will enable us to surmount them.

Fortunately, we have such a candidate. Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., recognizes the problems we face. He has developed a realistic climate action program that provides achievable goals and identifies a path forward. Alone among the candidates, he sees that climate and the environment permeate every aspect of national policy — from health to jobs, infrastructure to R&D, and immigration to education.

Booker knows it will take leadership from the top to tackle our environmental crises. As mayor, he created Newark’s first Office of Sustainability, which worked to make city operations more environmentally friendly, expand green job opportunities and improve health outcomes for underserved communities. He initiated programs to train residents to weatherize the homes of seniors and low-income families, improved affordable, energy-efficient housing across the city, and championed efforts to clean up Newark’s Passaic River.

As Booker demonstrated when he dedicated a recent town hall meeting to the environmental issues confronting New Hampshire, he recognizes the magnitude and interconnectedness of our challenges. His recently released environmental justice plan provides a blueprint for actions that will protect our natural resources, keep PFAS out of our water, clean up contaminated sites, restore critical EPA protections and promote the transition to a clean energy economy. Ultimately, Booker understands that we can’t wait to save our planet.

Cory Booker is the best choice to take on President Donald Trump in November, and I’m excited to vote for him and help share his vision with voters in Sullivan County and across the Granite State.



The writer represents the Sullivan 1 district in the New Hampshire House.

Warren targets gun violence

Just a few weeks ago, our nation experienced two more mass shootings. This has to stop. U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has a plan to end gun violence as we know it and reduce gun deaths by 80%. She will pass a new federal assault weapons ban, create a federal licensing system and require universal background checks. Additionally, her plan calls for holding gun manufacturers liable for any harm they cause. It’s steps such as these that will make us all safer — our children can again begin to feel safe in their schools, and we all can enjoy public spaces without fear.

With higher rates of gun violence than any other comparable nation in the world, we watch as innocent Americans are murdered every day by guns and ask ourselves why this keeps happening. The answer is simple: Republican lawmakers choose to do nothing while people needlessly die so that they can keep their reelection funds filled with National Rifle Association money. Our very own Gov. Chris Sununu recently vetoed three bills that would have enacted common-sense gun safety measures, clearly signaling that he is not concerned with the safety of Granite Staters.

We need to take action at the federal level to stop gun violence, and I’m supporting Elizabeth Warren because she has the plan to do it and the courage to take on the NRA. She truly cares about us, and by implementing her plan we can prevent senseless gun violence. I trust her to fight for our safety and hope you will join me in voting for her.



The writer represents the Grafton 12 district in the New Hampshire House.

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