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Forum, Sept. 16: Vital to attend Claremont vaccination clinics

Published: 9/15/2021 10:00:02 PM
Modified: 9/15/2021 10:00:06 PM
Vital to attend Claremont vaccination clinics

There will be three COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Claremont in the next two weeks:

■ Friday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Claremont Community Center, 152 South St.

■ Tuesday, 4 to 6 p.m., Claremont Fire Station, 100 Broad St.

■ Sept. 28, 10 a.m. to noon, River Valley Community College.

It is imperative that people take advantage of these vaccinations. Claremont has a vaccination rate of 44%. If folks don’t get off of the “no vaccination, Ivermectin and apathy” train, then we will never end this pandemic.

Follow the science, wear a mask and get vaccinated. This is the 21st century, not the Middle Ages. The numbers are coming in by the millions regarding the efficacy, safety and necessity of the vaccine. Get it done.



The writer represents Ward II on the Claremont City Council.

Good reasons to align with a political party

Vermont law requires political parties to reorganize in every odd-numbered year by electing members at town caucuses and sending representatives to county committees, which then send representatives to the state committee meeting. Over the next few weeks, Vermont’s political parties will be reorganizing at the local level.

When Vermonters register to vote, we do not have to declare a party affiliation. Only in presidential primaries are we asked which party’s ballot we want. While many Vermonters value their independence and prefer not to be affiliated officially with a political party, there are good reasons to align with a party that represents your values:

■ Your voice is important. A political party is nothing more than the people who affiliate with it. It gives an individual more influence over the implementation of those values.

■ In numbers there is strength and the ability to translate the commonly held values into policy.

■ It provides a network for people to come together across the state and across the nation to work toward those policy goals.

I believe certain issues are not up for debate: climate change, racial justice, voting rights, marriage equality, high-quality education, affordable health care for everyone, a livable minimum wage and fair taxation.

Across America, it is Democrats who are fighting to combat climate change, standing up for marriage equality and gender equity, leading campaigns for racial equity and to end the criminalization of marijuana, and protecting our rights in the workplace, in the voting booth and at home.

If these issues are also important to you, I invite you to join me and other Hartford-ites on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. for our reorganization caucus. We will elect town party officers and delegates to the county committee, which will hold its reorganization meeting in October.

You can attend in-person at Hartford Town Hall, Room 2. To attend remotely, call 802-777-4517 or email If you reach voicemail, please leave your name, phone number and email address, and a Zoom link will be sent.



The writer represents the Windsor 4-2 district in the Vermont House.

A heartbeat means life

OK, so when is a person declared “dead”? When there is no heartbeat.

So, when is a person declared “alive”? When there is a heartbeat.



Judges practicing medicine without a license

I obtain Ivermectin from a veterinarian and give it once a month to my dog to prevent heartworm disease. It has been proven that Ivermectin works for that purpose. There is no evidence that even suggests that Ivermectin can be used to prevent or cure COVID-19.

Why should doctors be made to worry about malpractice if they are ordered by a judge to treat COVID-19 patients with this worm medicine? Where is the prosecutor who will indict and prosecute a judge for practicing medicine without a license when the judge, with no medical education, orders a doctor or hospital to administer this drug for COVID-19?



Harvard ends investments in fossil fuels; and Dartmouth?

Harvard has just announced that it will stop investing in fossil fuels and will be pulling out of all such investments. The university president said: “Climate change is the most consequential threat facing humanity.”

Where does Dartmouth stand on this issue?



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