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Forum, Oct. 5: Hartford should not allow reduction in parking spaces

Published: 10/4/2019 10:00:21 PM
Modified: 10/4/2019 10:00:08 PM
Hartford should not allow reduction in parking spaces

Execusuite wants to build a five-story apartment building in downtown White River Junction with 35 fewer parking spots than the 114 spaces the town requires (“Parking plan strays from rule: Developer says it needs fewer spots, others disagree,” Oct. 1).

I hope the Planning Commission makes Execusuite provide the full 114 parking spaces.

As an infrequent Amtrak customer, I always worry about being able to park in the designated spots for the train. When the court is in session, the parking lot by the railroad station fills up, and people even park on the grass.

There is no other easy place to leave a car for an overnight (or longer) trip by train.


​​​​​​​White River Junction

Trump’s fall will be a hard one

I continue to seek out the opinions of President Donald Trump’s boosters because I want to know how people can continue to justify their support of the worst president anyone now living will ever know.

I used to hear, “Hey, I like him because he’s shaking things up.” I like a little shaking things up myself — a little independence, taking a different tack, trying a new thought, asking questions, ruffling some feathers from time to time. It keeps the air clear, the mind and the spirit working.

But there’s a difference between shaking things up and just breaking things off and stomping them to bits — stomping on honesty, integrity, judicial independence, freedom of the press, sanctity of our elections, human rights and women’s right to choose, along with encouraging violent words and actions and ignoring history and its lessons.

At base, Trump refuses to learn anything from anybody, or to apply lessons learned. For him, there are no lessons learned. He knows almost nothing, and he lies about everything. He is tremendously insecure, and an insecure person with power is dangerous. This condition is unhappy in a politician. In a president, it is tragic.

For years he was insulated from oversight of any kind by his wealth. Then it was his celebrity. Now it is the far-ranging powers of the presidency, which he abuses every waking moment of every day.

But that is about to end. He’s been riding fast for a fall and it is going to be a hard one. Impeachment is in the air, and on the minds of the legislators who can make it happen. For those of us still able to learn lessons, and apply them, what is this lesson?


North Haverhill

Also, he’s not a crook

You know, President Richard Nixon is starting to look like “an extremely stable genius,” too.



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