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Forum, Oct. 28: Two Dedicated Public Servants for N.H.

Published: 10/27/2018 10:00:12 PM
Modified: 10/27/2018 10:00:14 PM
Two Dedicated Public Servants for N.H.

I encourage you to vote for the following two dedicated public servants on Election Day.

Grafton County Sheriff Doug Dutile has 40 years of law enforcement experience — the past 27 years in the Grafton County Sheriff’s Department, and of that, the past 14 years as our sheriff. He is committed to the towns he represents. He has served on many boards over the years in Haverhill and throughout Grafton County. He has also helped with statewide committees, such as the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force.

I have known Dutile for the past 25 years and consider him a true servant to the people of Grafton County. He is well respected by former and current chiefs of police as well as other county sheriffs throughout the state.

A vote for Doug Dutile is a vote for honest, professional experience to keep our communities safe.

Joseph Kenney has served on the Executive Council since the passing of Councilor Ray Burton. Kenney has been elected to this position three times and is following in the footsteps of Burton when it comes to serving the people of District 1, which covers more than half the state. Kenney is not bashful about promoting the North Country and fights for his constituents, as he did recently in helping to override the veto of SB 365, known as the biomass bill. Kenney saw how important this bill was to the forest products industry and his constituents and worked with us to encourage the House and Senate to override the veto. Kenney is a tireless worker and servant for all of us in the North Country.

I encourage all voters to support both Sheriff Doug Dutile for Grafton Country sheriff, along with Councilor Joseph Kenney for the Executive Council, by voting for them on Nov. 6.

Tom Thomson


Tim Briglin Is a Friend to Farmers

I’m writing to share my appreciation for Tim Briglin as representative for Strafford, Thetford and Norwich in the Vermont Legislature.

As a dairy farmer at Strafford Organic Creamery and Rockbottom Farm, I am grateful for the time and effort Briglin has taken to understand how the measures he votes on in Montpelier play out on the ground for Vermont farms. He asks thoughtful, smart questions and doesn’t take lightly his role in this critical time for our state’s agricultural future.

On Election Day, I encourage voters who value local food to choose candidates like Tim Briglin who support the policies that support Vermont’s farms.

Amy Huyffer


Joyce McKeeman Is Right for the Job

This letter is an endorsement for the re-election of Joyce McKeeman, of Corinth, to the office of Orange County assistant judge.

The voters of each county elect two assistant or side judges for terms of four years. The position was established at the birth of our state because Vermonters were slow to trust judges unfamiliar with the locality. The two assistant judges brought local knowledge to judicial decisions.

That local knowledge is still important today as presiding judges rotate among counties. The assistants participate in deciding the facts in family and civil cases where there is no jury. With additional training and certification, they may also preside over uncontested divorce and traffic cases. In addition to these duties, the assistant judges have administrative responsibilities in Orange County government.

McKeeman brings to this election eight years of judicial experience, including three sessions at the National Judicial College. She also brings integrity, honesty and common sense to the office. Realizing that the position is generally nonpartisan, we think Democrats, Republicans and Independents will find her to be right for the job.

Larry and Carolyn Coffin

Bradford, Vt.

Carl Demrow Will Work for Solutions

I am writing to endorse and support Carl Demrow, who is running for the Vermont House of Representatives, from the Orange 1 District.

I have known Demrow for a number of years and admire his varied work experience, volunteer efforts, thoughtfulness and engagement with our pressing local and state problems. He is a good listener. I believe he’ll be able to hear the concerns of our district’s residents, bring those concerns to Montpelier, and work well in the House to improve or find solutions for these issues and problems.

Dave Richard


Three Common-Sense State Representatives

When going to the polls on Nov. 6, please consider voting for our dedicated local state representatives: Brian Sullivan, Linda Tanner and Lee Oxenham. These experienced state representatives are common-sense, reasonable people (I have met with them numerous times).

This team thinks beyond party lines and strives to create meaningful legislation that will solve problems and improve the lives of the people of New Hampshire. It takes a lot of work to craft effective bills, or read and understand all the implications of proposed legislation. Sullivan, Tanner and Oxenham rise to the challenge. They show up to vote on the bills (not all reps do) and take the time to know their stuff.

Recently they supported SB 446, which had bipartisan support, to make solar energy more affordable by raising the amount of electricity that could be sold back to the grid, reducing pollution and saving citizens money. Unfortunately, Eversource fought the bill and Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed it.

All three prioritize areas that directly affect the quality of life for New Hampshire citizens, such as school safety, access to health care and a clean energy economy. They understand the importance of good public education, the value of preparing our next generation, and fair pay for all workers. They will work for you.

I strongly encourage you to vote for Brian Sullivan, Linda Tanner and Lee Oxenham on Nov. 6.

Lin Hill


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