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Forum, Oct. 18: Joe Kenney shows he listens to the loud minority

Published: 10/17/2021 10:00:09 PM
Modified: 10/17/2021 10:00:11 PM
Joe Kenney shows he listens to the loud minority

As a retired registered nurse and retired attorney, I read with great shame and frustration that our District 1 Executive Counselor Joe Kenney voted to forgo federal funds that would have helped provide protective COVID-19 vaccine services for homebound and vulnerable adults (“$27M for vaccine outreach nixed,” Oct. 14)

This should not be surprising, since Kenney also voted to defund critical community health care providers throughout New Hampshire (“Council targets abortion providers: Republicans deny funding for health centers despite no proof of mingled money,” Sept. 16).

Both of these actions particularly deprive our lower-income citizens of all ages of much needed health care they would be unable to afford or attain elsewhere. Moreover, they demonstrate that Kenney is willing to listen to a loud minority rather than act in the best interests of his constituency.

His reasoning was most concerning: Kenney clearly supported “the state” in telling private employers they could not act to protect employees, customers or clients by instituting a vaccine mandate. Even though I don’t always agree with Gov. Chris Sununu, he was correct when he pointed out, “That’s not even socialism. That is pure communism.”

Elections are next year. Let’s keep our democracy intact for all of us, no matter what political persuasion. Remember Kenney’s allegiance to the few when we go to the polls to elect our District 1 executive councilor. Vote him out of office.



Make a real difference in the life of a child

Change the life of a child. Kids in our communities suffer as a result of problems in their families such as domestic violence, addiction, mental illness and homelessness. Sometimes these kids are placed in foster care or with a relative while their parents are supported to change these conditions.

During this time, someone needs to speak on behalf of these kids for their wishes and best interests.

Join me as a Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer to connect regularly with children and with the important people in their world in order to understand their needs. Through case assignment, be the voice of these kids in family court to advocate on their behalf until they have a permanent, safe home. Watch them flourish when they receive the things they need. Celebrate their smiles when they begin to understand that you are there to listen and speak up for them.

Invest 10-15 hours a month getting to know these kids and make a real difference in their lives — and change yours. It’s easy to get involved. I encourage all to learn more about CASA of New Hampshire at

While there, sign up for the Oct. 27 virtual info session, which will focus on the need for volunteers in the Dartmouth, Lake Sunapee and Upper Valley regions.



Claremont can do better on masking and vaccines

As of Oct. 8, Claremont had a vaccination rate of 44% and a total of 112 cases of COVID-19 (up from 40 a few weeks before). Recent campaign literature and political advertising around the city has stated that we do not need mask mandates or vaccine mandates.

This thinking is dangerous to our public health and getting back to normal.

Ignoring the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is killing people every day and is preventing the country, the state and Claremont from getting back to pre-pandemic normal.

Please, wear a mask, get vaccinated and social distance. We can do better.



The writer represents Ward II on the Claremont City Council.

Hypocritical politicians ignore poor migrants

I can’t believe it. Thousands of poor and desperate migrants at our border looking for work and freedom are still waiting.

The Statue of Liberty says “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. ...” Have the Republicans changed it to “Give me your rich”?

Businesses are crying for help, and yet these unfortunate people are being held up. This is a political fight between the Democrats and Republicans with these people caught in the middle.

I thought both parties looked out for business. After all, this is where a lot of election money comes from.

To all you hypocrite politicians, screen these people and let them into the U.S. They are grateful people and will work, not sit back and collect welfare because of laziness. The businesses will appreciate your help. God bless America, and condemn the politicians who do not care.



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