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Forum, Nov. 16: Trump has always lived in the swamp

Published: 11/15/2020 10:00:06 PM
Modified: 11/15/2020 10:00:04 PM
Trump has always lived in the swamp

In response to John Nelson’s Forum letter (“Trump tried hard to drain the swamp,” Nov. 11): Seriously?

I guess it depends on what you mean by “swamp.”

All of these examples have been widely reported by multiple fact-based media:

■ President Donald Trump has appointed family members and big donors to public offices for which they were extremely unqualified, often even having business interests in conflict with their regulatory authority.

■ Trump campaign associates have been tried and found guilty of seeking help from Russia to defeat his opponent, or for lying under oath to investigators.

■ Trump was impeached for seeking the same help from Ukraine, while holding up congressionally approved military aid deemed essential to our national security.

■And let’s not forget Trump’s effort to exert diplomatic pressure on the U.K. to locate the British Open at his golf course in Scotland. Nor his use of his personal properties to host diplomatic events, costing taxpayers millions. Nor his appointment of a major donor as postmaster general, who promptly ordered slowdown of deliveries as mail-in voting got underway. Nor his directing the attorney general to defend him in a lawsuit over an alleged rape, to dismiss a Manhattan district attorney investigating his finances, and now to go on a fishing expedition for nonexistent voter fraud in the election he has lost by a solid margin.

That’s just a partial list. It doesn’t include his personal corruption — court-ordered closures of Trump University and the Trump Foundation, the sentencing of his personal attorney for payments to silence a former mistress, or his ongoing legal efforts to suppress some 20 different lawsuits by women accusing him of various sexual offenses, or his cheating of workers and investors alike in his multiple, strategic bankruptcies as a “successful businessman.” Or his posing before a church he does not attend with a Bible he does not read, having just ordered the forceful clearing of peaceful protesters.

Trump did not try to drain the swamp. He jumped right in. It’s where he has always lived.


South Woodstock

Can’t we get past the nasty rhetoric?

John Nelson’s recent Forum letter (“Trump tried hard to drain the swamp,” Nov. 11) exemplifies the nasty rhetoric that President Donald Trump has espoused. For example, talking about replacing the “swamp rats” in the House. Can’t we get past this hate-mongering and, by example, have more civilized discourse and disagreement?



Stop the spread of voting falsehoods

President Donald Trump, aided by enablers, social media and Fox News, continues to spread falsehoods about the results and integrity of our election systems, governmental institutions and the veracity of worldwide media outlets.

Multiple governmental agencies are beginning to speak out against these egregious claims, as are some Republicans.

Those who don’t affirmatively speak out against his assault on our democracy, especially those in the Republican Party, are asymptomatic carriers of his disease.

Speak out. Stop the spread.



Our connections with each other are important now

These are troubled times. Parts of our life may feel out of control and we may feel despair hearing about events in our country and the world that seem senseless and dangerous.

The recent election highlighted major divisions in our country. There is a lot of isolation as we alienate ourselves from each other. People may have even severed close relationships because of differences in political views.

America was built on rugged individualism. Stories from our history lift up men and women who make it “all on their own.” Relying on others is sometimes devalued as a sign of weakness. However, going it alone doesn’t always work. Interdependence, as opposed to independence, should be held up as the ideal. Communities are stronger when people come together for a common good. Healing begins when we reach out to each other and make connections. Solutions may be found when the whole is appreciated for being more than the sum of its individual parts.

My hope is that we learn how important connections are, especially during this time of isolation, and that we are willing to sacrifice some of our comfort to assure that everyone is included.

May we hold our neighbors who think differently than we do with the same love and care that we hold our family and friends.

This is not easy work. It takes practice and encouragement. It takes a heart full of love.

I know I will not be perfect and will make mistakes. We need to trust in good intentions and practice forgiveness. We need to commit to do our best and to do our part. Our future depends on it.



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