Forum, Jan. 9: Anti-Trump headline no surprise

Published: 1/8/2021 10:00:28 PM
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Anti-Trump headline no surprise

Wow! A rare mega-point banner headline because of an event you can blame President Donald Trump for! (“Trump supporters riot at Capitol,” Dec. 7.)

After Trump is no longer a figure in the news, with the exception of local news, ads and obituaries, the Valley News and The Washington Post will be nothing but blank newsprint. I’ll drink to that!

Of course, you had to include an article about President-elect Joe Biden calling for unity and “decency.” After years of incessant Trump bashing, that plea is highly disingenuous. To make Biden appear holier-than-thou, you print a gag-worthy, laughable, sanctimonious picture of him in a prayerful pose with eyes closed and clasped hands. He’s standing in front of some circular thing surrounding his head like a halo. Saint Joseph of the Basement, no doubt. Cute!

Without Trump to lambaste and smear, you and your left-leaning letter writers will have little to write about. (A welcome change.) Naturally, any adverse goings-on by Biden, his puppeteers and sycophants, or the Hunter Biden/Ukraine/China investigation will likely be totally ignored or sugarcoated in a short paragraph buried on a back page. Your readers might not be fully aware of this episode because it was barely reported by you. Now it most certainly will be swept under the rug with a huge sigh of relief from the Biden family. This could be a real impeachable offense by an unfit sitting president.



Trump yelled ‘Fire!’ People died

If a man falsely yells “Fire!” in a crowded theatre and people are killed in the ensuing stampede, he is liable for the deaths.

Donald Trump built the theatre, filled it with his followers, and yelled “Fire!” There was no fire. He lost the election fair and square. People died as a result. He must be held to account for their deaths.



Trump has blood on his hands

I’m not surprised that hundreds of Trump supporters, stoked by the president’s torrent of ongoing lies about a stolen election, attacked the Capitol in an effort to subvert our democracy. For this, Donald Trump has the blood of those who died on his hands.

The siege also starkly demonstrated our dual system of law enforcement. If hundreds of Black folks stormed the Capitol last summer during the protests against police violence, there should be no doubt that the full brunt of the vast federal arsenal would have been unleashed without mercy, and the casualties would have been horrific.

In contrast, the rampaging mob of white Trump supporters faced minimal opposition by law enforcement. The mob not only significantly outnumbered the Capitol Police, but some officers even opened doors to the Capitol for the criminals, as if they were tourists visiting the halls of Congress during summer vacation. Once inside, some officers even provided the invaders with directions to the offices of certain members of Congress. At least one officer took selfies with the traitors.

Meanwhile, our commander in chief huddled with his family to watch on television the invasion he requested unfold. When Trump finally took to the airwaves to call off the attack, he repeated the lies about a stolen election and had the nerve to tell the hoodlums “We love you.”

Jan. 20 can’t get here soon enough so that this dangerous embarrassment of a president is no longer in office.



Expel the 13 from the Senate

Democratic senators are calling for Donald Trump to be removed from office. I already believed that Trump should be tried for crimes against humanity, but in these last four years he has never acted alone. I am asking readers to call or write to U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer and their respective state senators to, at the very least, expel the 13 senators who supported Trump’s toxic agenda because it is ultimately their agenda, too. The gift of Trump has nurtured a particular personal grievance allowing them to ignore the despicable party that represents them. There is enough blame to go around.

The era of Trump is the culmination of 50 years of neoliberalism coddling the policies of racism, militarism and corporate and personal wealth. The events of this week are the logical conclusion of these policies.

We must face what should now be obvious: The language of Sen. Josh Hawley and the other 12 senators (and the 100-plus representatives in the House) is the language of fascism. That is, to make arguments that might sound reasonable but are the accumulation of lies that lead to acts of violence called patriotism but based on an ideology of blatant racism and anti-Semitism.

These 13 must be held accountable for their sedition. Expel them from the Senate. By doing this much we may prevent the next coup attempt from being successful.



Correlation of irresponsibility

I am so discouraged that half of the country believes in Donald Trump. How has this blind following of a tyrant happened? Trump’s actions are repugnant to peaceful and orderly government. Sedition is defined as conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state. This accurately describes Trump’s actions.

As I watched the disgusting and hateful scenario develop in Washington on Wednesday, I saw a correlation between New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s nomination of an unqualified candidate for the state Supreme Court and Trump sycophant, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, blocking any U.S. Supreme Court candidate except Trump’s. I also see a correlation in the irresponsible acts on the part of Sununu that go against the working people of this state. I hope we all remember in the future that Sununu once stated, “I am a Trump man through and through.” Enough said.



A dangerous game of rebellion

On Wednesday afternoon, my wife and I went for a walk around Occom Pond in Hanover. As we did, we came upon a home flying a flag we had not seen before, one that featured a green pine tree on a white background and bore the inscription, “An Appeal to Heaven.” Neither of us were familiar with its origin or intent.

Upon returning home, we turned on television to learn the results of the Georgia senatorial elections, whereupon we witnessed the assault on the Capitol that was underway. In the midst of the mob that had stormed the Capitol, we saw individuals brandishing the very same flag we had seen on our walk.

According to Wikipedia, the phrase “An Appeal to Heaven” is a “particular expression of the right of revolution” and is attributed to John Locke, the 17th century English philosopher, who happened to be living under a monarchy. The waving of this flag on the steps of the Capitol appeared to be celebrating that an insurrection was underway. Rioters had literally scaled the walls and broken into the building, chased our representatives from their chambers, injured security officers, vandalized and stolen federal property and levied threats at members of Congress with whom they had grievances. They were demanding that our representatives not perform their constitutional duty to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Do we not play a dangerous game when we fly this symbol of rebellion in our local communities because we disagree with the outcome of our democratic processes? What is the youth of our community, not to mention our friends and neighbors both here and abroad, to gather from this display that suggests armed insurrection is an acceptable way to effect change in our republic?

We went back to Occom Pond the next day, and the same flag was still flying even after the violence in Washington had been widely condemned. Is this really who we have become?



President must be impeached

America’s president conducted a rally on Wednesday outside the White House in which he challenged his followers to win. Under Trump’s guidance, these followers then easily entered the chambers of government at the Capitol, ransacked government information and threatened our lawmakers. Americans must impeach President Trump.


South Royalton

Pursue second impeachment

It has been clear for a long time that this president should be removed from office. Efforts to that end failed after impeachment and during his sham trial orchestrated by the recently reformed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Following Wednesday’s disgusting desecration of the nation’s Capitol, calls for Donald Trump’s removal have risen again. There have been calls for the vice president to invoke the 25th Amendment. They will go unheeded.

The president should be impeached again. Yes, at this writing he only has 12 days remaining in office. Twelve days we all have to hold our collective breath. Does it make sense to embark on a process that takes so much time to unfold given that he will so soon be gone?

Yes. Emphatically yes. Impeachment by the House requires a trial in the Senate. McConnell has no option but to convene the Senate and conduct a trial.

Following a trial there will be a vote whether to remove the president. This vote will forever identify which senators condone the president’s seditious behavior. For this reason alone a second impeachment is worth pursuing, even at this late date.

In the unlikely event he is removed, there could be a second vote to decide whether he may ever again hold any elected office. It would be interesting to see how Republican senators with political ambitions for the presidency in 2024 decide that question.



Concern about NH chief at riot

This is in reference to the Troy, N.H., police chief’s actions in the shameful riot in Washington, D.C. (“NH police chief questioned,” Dec. 8). I assume he knows what acting in concert means and what the consequences of committing a federal crime are.

Orange is the new black, chief.



Relieve Trump as commander

Donald Trump’s true colors have clearly been demonstrated, and they are not red, white and blue.

Given the urgency of removing this sadly unhinged man from a most powerful position, I suggest that Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, move to immediately relieve Trump as commander in chief.

Trump has repeatedly demonstrated both his incompetence regarding military affairs (knee-jerk tweets about troop deployments, personnel policies, etc.). He has blatantly used the military brass as a prop for his self-serving photo ops (the Lafayette Square bible thumping). He has repeatedly insulted military heroes, such as Sen. John McCain, Gold Star families, and at the same time he pardoned a general who pleaded guilty to a felony count of making false statements to the FBI and four Blackwater security guards convicted in the killing of 14 Iraqi civilians.

And now he has exhorted a mob to violently take by siege the seat of our nation, with five deaths resulting.

Impeachment is a long process; the 25th Amendment requires the consent of political cronies.

Gen. Milley must relieve this most dangerous man of command. Please.


South Royalton

Two important legal principles

I would like to share two legal principles that Valley News readers may find enlightening.

One, a conspiracy occurs when two or more people agree that they are going to commit an illegal act, and then one of them takes a substantial step toward the commission of the crime. Say, for instance, that two people agree that they are going to invade a public building illegally. Even if only one of them invades the building, both of those people are guilty of conspiracy.

Two, the “felony murder” rule provides that a person can be charged with murder if a killing occurs during the commission of a felony, even if the defendant did not cause the killing itself. Say, for instance, that it’s a felony to invade a public building, and during the course of such an invasion, a person is killed. Anyone who was involved in the invasion — or, for that matter, who was part of a conspiracy to invade the premises — could be charged with, and convicted of, felony murder. Some jurisdictions have abolished the felony murder rule. The District of Columbia has not.

Just sayin’.



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