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Forum, Dec. 9: Reinstate remote assess to NH legislative sessions

Published: 12/8/2021 10:00:37 PM
Modified: 12/8/2021 10:00:10 PM
Reinstate remote assess to NH legislative sessions

As a resident physician, my schedule is busy and inflexible. It is challenging at best, and often impossible, to be able to attend legislative sessions. As an active community member and specialist in reproductive health care, I feel it is important for my voice to be heard at the Statehouse and to be able to advocate for the patients I take care of in New Hampshire. Virtual forums for legislative sessions have made it easier for this to happen, and I feel strongly they should continue.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over and, as is the case with many other health care workers, low staffing in our field during this pandemic makes it disproportionately harder for us to attend in-person sessions. If you value our opinions and expertise about medical issues and legislation that has health implications for Granite Staters, please reinstate remote participation in the legislative process by allowing remote testimony at the Statehouse in 2022.



Broadband competition now

Reading the New Hampshire Bulletin article on broadband expansion (“Grafton County broadband push faces challenge from providers,” Dec. 4), I am amazed at how history is repeating itself.

When utilities were essentially monopolies, prices were high and service was low. Once these companies were broken up, competition drove better service and lower prices. Now we are back to the monopolies again. In Hanover, the only real choice for internet is Comcast and the company knows it. Its rates have gone up and up, and those teaser specials to get you onboard are gone. Anything these companies say should be ignored, I believe. They are vested in keeping out any competition for their own profits. Yes, we need broadband expansion, but we also need broadband competition.

We can put a person into space, but I can’t get an internet signal in Lyme.



Thetford chief will be missed

When outstanding people and employees announce that they are moving on, one has two reactions: one external and one internal. My public reaction is to wish outgoing Thetford Police Chief Michael Evans best wishes for a successful career in the private sector (“Well-liked police chief to retire this month,” Dec. 7). He did an excellent job and Thetford was lucky to have him as our chief of police. Privately, I’m thinking, “Darn, we just lost one fine individual.”

Evans put a friendly and highly professional face on our police department and he will be missed.



The writer is a member of the Thetford Selectboard.

Vigil for gun violence victims

On Dec. 14, 2012, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred. Twenty-six people, including 20 children between of the ages 6 and 7 and six adult staff members, died that day. That does not include the shooter’s mother, who was killed before the school rampage, nor the shooter, who died by suicide.

In July 2020, the Gun Violence Archive reported that there had been nearly 2,700 mass shootings since Sandy Hook, with 3,000 deaths and 11,000 wounded. Nationally, nearly 40,000 gun-related deaths occur every year, and of those more than half are death by suicide.

Ever since the tragic events at Sandy Hook we have held a vigil on Dec. 14 to remember all victims of gun violence. Please join us around the Norwich, Green on Tuesday for a silent candlelight vigil from 5-5:30 p.m.



The writer is a member of the board of GunSense Vermont.

Teach honest history

It has been many years since I was an English teacher in a public school. However, I can still remember how much I enjoyed having junior high school students in my life. If I were teaching today I would be in trouble all the time, that is, until I was fired, as I am sure I would be for teaching “divisive concepts.”

If we as a nation do not use this moment to confront the reality of our racism, past and present, to teach honest history to the current generation of students, we will never be able to do the work of creating that more perfect union some of us envisioned.



Struggling to understand

On Dec. 3, The Washington Post ran an opinion piece by Dana Milbank (whose syndicated column has appeared in the Valley News) under the headline “The media treats Biden as badly as — or worse than — Trump. Here’s proof.” In response, independent journalist Matt Taibbi — no rational human being’s idea of a conservative — wrote: “I struggle to conceive of the brain that would believe such a thing to be true. ...”

I often have the same reaction upon reading the Forum. I strongly doubt that most of its contributors would do anything other than nod enthusiastically at such a self-evidently fatuous assertion.



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