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Forum, Aug. 26: The real issue with nonresident student voting

Published: 8/27/2019 11:29:30 AM
Modified: 8/27/2019 11:29:29 AM
The real issue with nonresident student voting

There have been several letters in the Forum and articles in the Valley News concerning nonresident college student voting in New Hampshire, most of which miss a very important point. Allowing nonresident college students to vote in national elections, either by absentee ballot or locally, is rather a moot point as long as they vote only once. The issue as I see it should be their voting in state and local elections.

The nonresident college students who brought a lawsuit against the state have no plans to stay in New Hampshire after they graduate from Dartmouth, according to one article. Yet, they are suing the state for the right as nonresidents to affect the lives of residents. By allowing these college students to vote in all elections, they will have a say in electing local and state officials, such as school board members, selectboard members, county officials, state representatives and senators, the governor, and U.S. representatives and senators. They will also be able to vote on school and town budgets, as well as state issues.

If at some point (I hope not) New Hampshire considers implementing a state sales or income tax and puts either to a vote, nonresident college students would have a say without “having a dog in the fight.” If you want to defend their right to affect your life, think about what rights you are giving up.



Personal attacks serve no purpose

Forum contributor Mark Latham recently wrote that those who support President Donald Trump’s re-election “might as well go out and join the nearest chapter of the Klan ... because to support his re-election is to support hatred and white supremacy” (“Trump fans the flames of hate,” Aug. 13).

The approximately one-half of Americans who voted for Trump in 2016 (after preferring others in the primaries) didn’t do so because they were enamored of his personality or character, but rather because they’d suffered through eight years of Obama’s failed domestic policies and Hillary Clinton’s failed foreign policies (including appeasing Iran and rewarding its terrorist acts) and didn’t want to extend it to 12 or 16.

Clinton called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” and it cost her the election. Those who supported her are in denial as to the fact that she legitimately lost the election and utterly clueless as to the reasons why. So shaming and name-calling and labeling decent people who love America as racists or white supremacists, and the irrational rants against Trump and his supporters that populate the pages of this newspaper almost daily, will accomplish nothing except to galvanize Trump’s supporters and possibly polarize decent-thinking Democrats to cross over and ensure his re-election.

None of the current Democratic, progressive and socialist presidential hopefuls has so far offered any constructive solutions for the problems America faces, other than getting Trump out of office and pillaging the “1%,” or shown any promise of being able to heal the rift that has deeply divided our country. For those who hate Trump to continue to insult half of the American electorate with baseless, ad hominem attacks serves no useful purpose and says far more about the originators than the targets of such invective.



The movie wasentertaining, too

I greatly enjoyed John Griesemer’s interesting essay about Greenland (“Briefly, everyone thinks of Greenland,” Aug. 20). A fascinating place indeed. But the author neglected to mention that his wonderful novel, No One Thinks of Greenland, was also turned into a most entertaining movie, Guy X. I highly recommend the movie. It is well worth watching and is available through Netflix.



Rogers House in path of bus fumes

I read with some interest the letter regarding the fumes from Advance Transit buses stopped in front of Rogers House near Lebanon City Hall (“Concerned about seniors breathing diesel fumes,” Aug. 21). Last year, a friend who lived there noted that her plants had died and she needed to keep her windows closed and disable her carbon monoxide detector.

Surely something can be done. To start with, no idling at the stop. At the very least, this location should be a priority for the new hybrid buses.



Garden group seeks beauty lovers

People here in the Upper Valley know this is a beautiful place to live. There are many reasons to think so. One of ours is seeing all the flowers in the towns and villages. There are many people involved in the various beautification efforts.

That is true in Hartford. Hartford Garden Friends invites you to join us. Whether you know nothing about growing flowers or you can name every kind, whether you are male or female or non-specific, we will welcome you. Some members share one garden and others are the single caretaker of a plot. Come and get your hands dirty.

If getting dirty is not your idea of fun, you can support Hartford Garden Friends with a donation. Contributions are used to purchase plants and other supplies.

To become a member, contact Iris Berezin at To donate, please send checks to Hartford Garden Friends, P.O. Box 884, Wilder, Vt. 05088.

Come to share your knowledge or to learn a new skill. If you think the town looks better with flowers, your time and your money will help to continue our work. No matter what you do, please enjoy the beauty.



The writers are co-presidents of Hartford Garden Friends.

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