Forum, Aug. 10: It’s time to explore solar power

Published: 8/9/2019 10:00:21 PM
Modified: 8/9/2019 10:00:09 PM
It’s time to explore solar power

How wonderful to see so many “Solarize Hanover” signs around town. From Greensboro Road to Mulherrin Farm; from Balch Street to Three Mile Road, residents have installed solar and are harvesting clean energy. To date, 132 Hanover homes have installed PV panels and more than 40 residents have signed up for site visits.

Since 2019 is the last year in which a federal tax credit of 30% is available for solar installations (after that the credit decreases), Sustainable Hanover is encouraging residents to explore whether a solar array is appropriate for their property. Solarize Hanover 2.0 partners with four local installers so residents can easily receive a free site visit evaluation.

The state of New Hampshire encourages solar through a rebate program and net metering, which allows residents to receive payment for excess electricity they produce and feed into the grid.

Record-breaking temperatures are straining resources and endangering people on every continent. The first half of 2019 saw intense heat waves in Australia, India, Pakistan and the Middle East. Most recently, Europe suffered through temperatures of over 100 degrees for days on end. These are frightening reminders that we need to transition to clean energy as quickly as possible.

Typical visions of future electric grids include increased and more widely distributed renewable energy, storage systems, the two-way flow of energy and microgrids. Every solar installation is a step toward this vision, although for many it is in fact a step toward some independence and greater control over their energy supply.

Whatever your reason, now is an excellent time to request a site visit from a local solar installer. As the weeks fly by and requests are submitted to Liberty Utilities for the necessary approval, the window for ensuring installation, permitting and connection of the system by the end of the year will be closing. Any new systems must be operational by Dec. 31, 2019, to qualify for the federal tax credit.

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President’s Russia affinity a concern

It is very difficult to understand the affinity for Russia exhibited by the president and his administration. The many examples include the Mueller Report; the president’s patently false assertions of “no collusion”; direct discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin without any records being kept; the president ignoring and even publicly trashing U.S. intelligence and law enforcement assessments that have overwhelming evidence of Russian tampering with and influencing the 2016 and 2018 elections; family members meeting with Russian officials; and candidate Donald Trump’s exhortations during 2016 campaign rallies for Russia to hack the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. And on it goes.

Now we have the Republican-led Senate refusing to strengthen our electoral system against hacks, despite its own Intelligence Committee stating the system is under unrelenting attack and recommending additional funding to meet this danger to our democracy (“Warnings on elections go unheeded,” July 26).

In 1962, the deeply disturbing and scary film The Manchurian Candidate was released. The story tells of an American soldier, captured by Chinese Communists and brainwashed during the Korean War, who returns to America at the end of the war and subsequently scales the heights of presidential politics. He is, unknowingly, under the influence of an enemy state.

There can be many ways that a person comes under the influence of others. However, the parallels between 1962 art and 2019 life remain. Do they suggest a love of the trappings of “strong man” leadership? Is it a prelude to a blockbuster real estate deal (or deals) in post-presidential years? Is it because the president knows that Moscow helped in the 2016 election and can do it again in 2020? Is it something else? This continued support for Russia indicates we have a president more concerned with his own best interests and those of supportive external influences than those of this nation. Do we have The Muscovite Candidate?



Legislation needed on gun control

The time has come for U.S. citizens to urge our senators and representatives to pass comprehensive legislation on gun control. This needs to include a strict ban on assault rifles. Those should only be used by law enforcement and the military. In order to purchase an approved firearm, a thorough background check and issuance of a permit or license needs to become mandatory.



To stop shootings, bring God back

Every time there’s a shooting, the liberals want to blame our president. It doesn’t matter what it is, they use anything they can to keep people’s minds focused on Donald Trump and away from Hillary Clinton.

I Googled it and apparently there’s about 20,000 laws on the books regarding guns. Taking guns away from law-abiding people is what Germany did in the 1930s, and look what happened.

Wake up, America, and smell the coffee. Guns aren’t the problem. The lack of God in America is the problem. Satan knows what he’s doing, and he’s gotten thousands of people to listen to his rhetoric of, “if it feels good, do it.”

Here’s the solution: Start preaching God’s laws, stop preaching Satan’s laws and get God back into all the places he’s been thrown out of. Then you’ll see the shootings stop.


Post Mills

Local increases in downpours

May I respond to Rob Taylor who, in a recent letter to the Forum, praised the Valley News for not printing my assertion, in an earlier letter to the Forum, that “incidences of severe weather show no increasing trend since records have been kept” (“When it rains these days, it pours,” Aug. 4).

I had in mind the global incidences of hurricanes and tornados.

I have no reason to doubt, as Taylor points out, that there have been local increases in heavy downpours of rain. I’m sure the local farmers would welcome one or two right now.



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