Hartford to Weigh Fairview Terrace Options

Valley News Staff Writer
Monday, September 10, 2018

White River Junction — The Selectboard Tuesday night will resume consideration of options related to Fairview Terrace and may vote on a proposal to re-open Gates Street to some vehicular traffic.

Gates Street connects Fairview Terrace to downtown, and the Selectboard closed the road to vehicles in December because of concerns that a retaining wall could collapse.

While longterm repairs to Fairview Terrace — and funding — have still to be finalized, the Selectboard is considering various options, including reopening Gates Street to one-way, downhill traffic; opening it to one-way uphill traffic; installing traffic signals to allow alternating one-way traffic; or continuing to keep it closed.

About 650 vehicles a day used the road before it was closed, and many residents have sought to have the road re-opened.

Town Manager Leo Pullar said Tuesday night’s discussion will be a continuation of a meeting on July 17, where members of the public spoke about various options.

“At that meeting we promised to take their input and put together some courses of action that addressed those opinions. We’ll look for more public input and look to determine an interim course of action,” Pullar said via email on Monday.

Staff of the Department of Public Works recommends reopening Gates Street to one-way downhill traffic, saying it is “a cost-effective solution to accommodate safe traffic flow until a long-term solu tion is established,” according to a memo on Fairview Terrace in the Selectboard’s packet.

The proposal would include spending less than $15,000 for jersey barriers, asphalt for a pedestrian walkway separated from vehicles, signage, and two speed bumps intended to slow traffic and make the route a “less attractive ‘cut off’ route to downtown,” the memo said.

The drawback to opening it only to downhill traffic, the memo said, is it “may be inconvenient for individuals wishing to travel the opposite direction.”

Tuesday night’s Selectboard meeting at Hartford Town Hall starts at 6 p.m.

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