Democrats Plan to File for Recounts in Sullivan County Races

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Two of the three Democrats who lost New Hampshire House races in Sullivan County by narrow margins said on Wednesday they plan to file for a recount this week with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Charlestown Democrat John Streeter was defeated by incumbent Republican Thomas Laware, R-Charlestown, in the single seat district by 10 votes, 835-825.

“The reason I am going to ask for a recount is because they told me (at the polls) there were 40 votes they did not count and it is up to the secretary of state to decide if they are valid,” Streeter said on Wednesday.

In one example, Streeter said, a voter filled in the ballot for him but also wrote in his name so the machine rejected it.

In Sullivan 6, incumbent Virginia Irwin, D-Newport, will seek a recount in her 30-vote loss to challenger John Callum, R-Unity. Irwin finished third among four candidates for the two-seat district. Though she finished ahead of Callum by 90 votes in Newport, 884-794, Irwin lost Unity by 120 votes to Callum, 315-195. Skip Rollins, R-Newport, was the top vote-getter and Larry Flint, D-Newport, finished fourth.

Chad Rolston, D-Claremont, said on Wednesday he has not decided yet on a recount after losing to Republican Walt Stapleton for the Sullivan 5 seat, which represents the city’s Ward 3, by 27 votes, 663-636.

If the vote totals don’t change, Republicans will have picked up one seat in the county delegation and return to Concord with a 7-6 majority. Democrats also lost Sullivan 2, (Croydon, Sunapee) with Sunapee Selectboard member Sue Gottling finishing behind political newcomer Gates Lucas.

Turnout in Tuesday’s election was considered strong for a midterm, with Claremont and Sunapee at about 60 percent of registered voters and Newport and Charlestown at roughly 50 percent.