Young Writers Project: Choose Your Own Writing Adventure

Age 14, Hanover
Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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This week, we present General Writing responses. Prompt: General

She, Herself and Her

I drew a picture of somebody I loved. It was simple, clean and elegant, of someone about 15. The strokes were dignified and bold. The eyes were kind, but determined, a sort of... hazel color. There was a smirk, a sort of taunt on the lips. And the hair was perfect — cut short, and simple and elegant. The jaw was soft but sturdy.

If she saw the drawing she wouldn’t recognize it. She would shrug and mistake herself for someone else.

I guess that’s what looking in a mirror for too long does to you.


It had been a long time —

but he was finally there, in his kitchen.

He was consumed by hunger.

The pantry was empty,

except for a small orange packet of noodles.

He couldn’t wait for them to be done.

Steel pot, black handle, browning with age.

Running water, bubbles forming, ready to boil.

Click, click, click. Flames enveloped the pot.

Plop. A square brick of noodles dropped into the water.

Halfway done.

Three minutes passed — it was nearly done.

The flame was extinguished.

A plastic packet of M.S.G. was opened,

then poured into the steaming pot.

He stirred it for a couple seconds.

It was done.

Still Rising

In the beginning,

we thought we were winning.

But little did we know

we had so much to grow.

Eventually the bomb exploded,

and from it our community imploded.

Now the pieces are still rising

up above the horizon.

If you learn about the past,

you will get to the future just as fast.

We still need to fight;

equality is a right.

Wishing From a Leaf

The leaves swirl from the trees,

waiting to be caught.

For when a leaf is caught,

you can wish for a great many things.

The leaves wait and swirl slowly to the ground.

If they are not found,

they cannot be wished upon.

Their colors indicate

how they might bring happiness to one’s heart.

Yellow — for the joy of play.

Green — for the strength of health.

Red — for the hope in passion.

And orange — for the gift of faith.

Which one will swirl into your hand

the next time you make a wish?