Publisher’s note: Valley News website adds online puzzle feature

Published: 05-20-2024 12:31 PM

Today we launch a new collection of daily puzzles on our website. These new digital puzzles can be played on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can play for free and enjoy five daily puzzles and games. You can also create a username to track your own scoring and see how you measure up against others and leave unfinished puzzles for later. Or you can buy an expanded subscription where you’ll have access to even more games, including some still in the testing phase.

The Valley News has partnered with Puzzmo, a leading puzzle provider that’s been hard at work translating the traditional newspaper puzzle experience to all the capabilities of websites and apps. Check out these five puzzles by visiting

Here’s what you’ll find:

Cross|Word: This is a VERY popular daily puzzle and it’s built off the classic. If the clue is still leaving you scratching your head, you can get a secondary hint.

Typeshift: Align the letters in just the right way to spell a word. You’ve completed the puzzle when all letters have been used at least once.

Really Bad Chess: You thought you knew chess? Not this version where each day’s board is different. Games may include four knights, or maybe five rooks, or maybe three bishops. Who knows? But there’s always just one king.

SpellTower: Watch the board collapse as you find words. While the goal is to clear the board, you should always be on the lookout for the longest word you can find. Check back the next day to see who found the longest word. Maybe it was you and you made the leaderboard. On one recent day, the biggest find was “inconsequentialities.”

FlipArt: No need to dust off the dictionary on this puzzle. Just rotate the pieces in just the right way to make sure everything fits on the board. “Oddly satisfying” is the best phrase we’ve heard to explain this one. Really, it is.

Of course, we still have print puzzles, so if you like a pencil and paper, don’t worry. Most of all, have fun!

And as a gentle reminder, if you’re a print subscriber and would like help with access to our news online (which includes news as it happens, a digital replica of the daily print edition, archives going back over 10 years and access to breaking news on our app, too), please call us at 603-298-7739, and we’ll get you up and running.