Forum, Oct. 9: Lebanon’s Energy Savings Proposal

Sunday, October 08, 2017
Lebanon’s Energy Savings Proposal

The Lebanon School Board is considering a major project to replace aging heating systems and to improve energy performance in all of the district’s buildings. Following a comprehensive energy audit, the firm Trane Energy Building Advantage has proposed a plan that would generate approximately $228,000 per year in energy savings to the district.

Facility improvement measures include high-efficiency boiler plants, modern control systems for ventilation and heating, and increased insulation. Electrical generation from a solar photovoltaic array is also part of the proposal. The total cost of the project is approximately $4.1 million, which the district would finance over 20 years. An important feature is that our future energy savings would pay the costs. Thus, the project costs would be paid from annual budgets with no net increases attributable to the project, and no need to use capital improvement funds. Trane Building Advantage is sufficiently confident in the plan that they will guarantee the energy savings and will reimburse SAU 88 for any shortfall in utility savings annually.

We believe this project will benefit the school district.

The School Board will hold a public meeting on the proposal Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Lebanon Middle School. Representatives from Trane Building Advantage will be present to answer questions. If the School Board approves this plan, a warrant article will be discussed at the SAU 88 deliberative session in January, and Lebanon voters will be asked to approve it in the March election. We strongly encourage Lebanon residents to attend the public hearing to learn more about the proposed plan, ask questions and express your opinions.

Jeff Peavey

Lebanon School Board Chairman

Compassion Helped Healing

A bicycle crash in September left me at DHMC with life-threatening injuries that required long surgery. During my two-week stay, I received treatment that seemed to me extraordinary. Both the trauma team and the thoracic surgery team oversaw my recovery, and I was given a voice in many of the decisions that were made along the way.  Not based on standard protocols, my treatment was adapted to my particular weaknesses and capabilities. The nurses and others who treated me hands-on were wonderful: knowledgeable, thoughtful and compassionate, some with an engaging sense of humor. I am deeply grateful to them all for their many kindnesses. Because the news bombards us incessantly with horrific evidence of humanity’s dark side, and despite the pain and discomfort of hospitalization, I found a special pleasure in experiencing human nature at its best.

David M. Lemal


Four More Years?

Been wondering lately how any future president could be worse than Donald Trump? — I think I got a handle on it. Had to make up a list — what exact attitudes, habits and character traits would make such an impossible person possible?

Had to dream up some dreadful poppycock to make it plausible, couldn’t count too much on previous presidents’ history as Trump has established such historically rock-bottom standards.

This man or woman would first need to be a galaxy-class liar, effective enough that you don’t trust a word out of their mouth. He’d be a thin-skinned finger-pointer, he could never be wrong, everything would always be someone else’s fault.

Add sexist and racist, demonstrated throughout their lives.

Add attacks on the judicial system, the free press, our allies worldwide, his own Cabinet appointees, and add someone who mocks national war heroes as well as folks with physical disabilities.

This illusional delusional person would claim they lost a popular vote due to widespread voter fraud that does not exist, and then spend taxpayer millions pretending to investigate that fraud which did not exist.

This nightmare would be small-spirited, small-minded — an ill-informed self-aggrandizing bully who incites violence at campaign rallies. He would serve faithfully only as the chief operator of the national rage machine. He would divide us all to conquer his own shortcomings. He’d have no sense of history, no level-headed perspective, no sense of moral integrity or a clue as to what really makes America great.

He’d be a shoot-from-the-hip electronic communicator at a grade-school level, with no basic humanity, not a fleck of grace during national emergencies. He might be a rich old white man. He’d be ... wait a minute.

The only way we’ll ever have a president as bad or worse than Trump is if we happen to elect him again.

Robert Roudebush

North Haverhill