Forum, July 27: Singer for assistant judge

Published: 8/2/2022 2:57:55 PM
Modified: 8/2/2022 2:54:47 PM
Singer for Assistant Judge

David is my choice. He is a caring, intelligent man who served as Windsor County Assistant Judge for 8 years before leaving in 2012 to head the family theater business on Broadway, London and White River’s Northern Stage.

Having been a presiding Windsor County Judge for six years after attending Vermont Law School in South Royalton, David knows his way around a courthouse as well as a stage. I think this is why he is so good with people — that and the fact that he truly cares about us. As a police officer for 20 years, he taught the Domestic Violence course at the Vermont Police Academy and served as a Detective Sergeant on the Child Abuse Task Force.

David lives in Hartland with Toni, his wife of 37 years.

David and Toni are active gardeners, with Toni lecturing to various garden clubs and open forums. She brings David along to loudly applaud and mingle afterward. David has a degree in economics from Bates College, which has and will prove valuable during county budget time.

I am sure that David, if re-elected, will be there for you and the county as he always has.

Peg Solon


Republicans abandon climate solutions

In light of the recent hottest days on record in Europe and elsewhere, not to mention our regional high temperatures , I wonder if John Willse still falsely believes “in the unproven climate crisis” (June 21, 2022)?

His thinking, and that of Trump’s conservative justices, are in the words of dissenting Justice Kagan, both clueless and frightening. Power plants are among our most dangerous polluters, they‘re counter to the Clean Air Act and Nixon’s forming of the EPA. (Whatever happened to the Republican Party when they decided the economy was more important than our health and the health of our planet? )

The conservative Supreme Court justices have shown us they’re not doctors (banning abortion) and now they have shown us they’re not scientists.

There is no Planet B but we can vote for responsible legislators who understand a woman’s body and climate change … not to mention gun control. These are some of the many reasons I have left the Republican Party.

Sally Prince

New London

Holcombe for State House

I’m writing to let you know that my good friend Rebecca Holcombe from Norwich is running for State House Representative. She’s running to replace Tim Briglin from Thetford, who did great things for our community. I know that Rebecca will continue his excellent work, especially with his signature efforts around climate legislation.

I’ve known Rebecca for over a decade as our children grew up together in Norwich. She’s been a wonderful friend and neighbor and also an extraordinary activist helping to make the Upper Valley community as well as the larger world a better place. She’s served as a teacher, principal, professor, Vermont Secretary of Education and on many volunteer boards. She’s a potent advocate for equality and justice, and I encourage you to visit her website to learn more.

Primary Day is Aug. 9, and first and foremost, I hope you’ll vote, and I also, of course, hope you’ll vote for Rebecca.

Signe Taylor


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