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Forum, Sept. 9: Beware of experts

Published: 9/16/2022 6:13:33 PM
Modified: 9/16/2022 6:09:40 PM
Be skeptical of experts

Does President Biden’s highlighting of a public education system that produces graduates who cant comprehend a simple loan amortization table, along with a higher education system that awards them degrees — not to mention advanced degrees — indicate the existence of a plan to remedy the situation? Never mind. We all know the answer. A problem that parallels the above is our society’s unquestioning faith in experts, or rather in it’s preferred experts — there being few, if any, fields where the experts are in universal agreement. And don’t forget that disagreement only signifies that someone, if not everyone, is wrong — not that anyone is right. Also bear in mind that nearly all expertise is expended in attempts to mitigate the consequences of previous expertise, which are often owed to the erroneous belief that expertise in one sphere confers significant insight into unrelated ones.

It would be far more prudent (and better reflect humanity as it is) to view expertise not as a greater degree of knowledge, but as a lesser degree of ignorance and misperception. And prudent as well to remember that the consequences of knowledge or intelligence applied without wisdom are indistinguishable from those of malevolence or stupidity.

Anthony Stimson


Politicos trample flowers

To all those candidates who have placed their signs on the public way in Lebanon, surrounding the gardens created this year, I recognize your right to do so but might also add, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Perhaps a good lesson to learn for those who aspire to public office.

Douglas E Johnson


Lean liberal

They support climate change, gun control, racial equality, womens rights, religious freedom, gender diversity. Most support student loan forgiveness( young republicans like forgiveness if they had a loan) .

The children of Conservative evangelicals and other parents who tried to shield them from all of the above mentioned freedoms and causes will likely feel differently when they enter the real world.

Racial and gender diversity become the norm as well as new friends and new ideas.

So today I have hope for the youth and future of America. They are the adults who will save our inherent values and our democracy.

May everyone have growth in their new environment and a great college experience!

Sally Prince

New London

Re-elect Warmington

When it comes to choosing our Executive Councilor, there is no question that Cinde Warmington is the strongest candidate in the upcoming primary. As the only Democrat on the Council of 5, she has taken seriously her role as the representative for all of us, and she has quickly become a significant leader on the Council. Unlike any of her predecessors, she was determined to work closely with the press so they would pay more attention to the work of the Executive Council. Not only does she review upcoming agendas with reporters, she makes herself available to discuss strategy and policy. Not content with simply acknowledging that Democrats had to take back the majority, she recruited candidates for the other four seats, and she raised funds for, and hired staff to support, all 5 candidates. No other Executive Councilor, regardless of party, has demonstrated this kind of leadership.

Cinde has not hesitated to challenge the Governor, and because of her insistence, he brought a proposal to fund health care clinics back to the Council four times. Her hard work and leadership are recognized by the fact that the entire Federal delegation: Shaheen, Hassan, Pappas, and Kuster, has endorsed her in the primary. In fact, Cinde is the candidate who all the leaders in the House and the Senate have endorsed. Cinde has won endorsements from future-Governor Tom Sherman, every Democrat in the State Senate, the entire House Democratic Leadership and the entire Hanover/Lyme delegation.

Because Cinde has put public health over politics, pushed back against the Commissioner of Education, advocated for greener policies, called out the hypocrisy of the Governor, and insisted on reproductive justice, she has won endorsements from Planned Parenthood, the State Employees Union, teachers, ironworkers, electrical workers, and postal workers. She is clearly the choice of working people because her policies improve our lives.

I encourage you to vote for Cinde Warmington in the primary on September 13 as she is the leader who your leaders all support.

NH Rep. Sharon Nordgren


The poorest sport

The epitome of a sore loser used to be the boy who stops a game by taking his ball and going home.

Apparently, the new definition is the man who, losing an election, takes top secret documents and goes home.

Barry Wenig


Trump left with excuses

The FBI planted them! Bullfeathers. I declassified them! In your dreams. They’re mine! No, they aren’t. I gave them all back! Not quite. Obama did it! The old tried and true, one size fits all excuse.

Who are we to believe? Based on a history of 30,000 lies during his presidency and a continuing torrent of the same since, the smart money is not on the former president.

So, what do we know? We know that hundreds of (still) classified documents made their way to Florida and ended up in a resort owned by Trump. We know at a minimum these documents described human intelligence sources, intelligence gathering methods and nuclear secrets. We know they were not secured appropriately. Some were in a room with a single padlock on the door. Some were in desk drawers (locked, unlocked?) in an office visited by uncounted numbers of people including foreign nationals and cleaning personnel. We know that numerous people, probably including his lawyers, and certainly people without security clearances moved boxes of classified documents into and out of the now infamous padlocked storage room for unknown reasons to unknown places. If that doesn’t make you break out in a cold sweat what would?

Who did he show these trophies to? Who were those cleaners in there by themselves? Who cares? We all should. The unlawful possession and handling of these documents containing intelligence secrets so sensitive they must be viewed only in secure rooms may well have put the lives of intelligence agents and this country’s security at risk. It may have seriously impaired our intelligence gathering capabilities.

And while we’re pondering what Trump planned to do with these documents let’s remember that all living former presidents can, if they choose, continue to receive security briefings. Not Trump. President Biden withdrew that privilege.

None of us know where this saga will lead but if Donald Trump is not indicted and tried for serious crimes against the United States then the justice system in this country is broken beyond repair.

Lloyd Bunten


Who is the real threat to democracy?

As a psychodynamic psychotherapist with over four decades of practical experience, there is a principle in human psychology called projection. It is defined as “the mental process by which people attribute to others what is in their own minds.” This often shows up when people blame others for the things they subconsciously don’t like in themselves. The other evening, a speech was given to our Nation which was a perfect example of this psychological pitfall, claiming that a political rival’s policies and supporters were a threat to our democracy. The foundation of democracy is the opportunity for people to freely decide representatives to govern or lead them based on an exchange of ideas and principles embraced by those representatives. Competition of ideas is how democracy works. Trying to delegitimize the opposition may unfortunately be part of the political process, but it needs to be accurate and substantive to be an effective way to win my support.

Dr. Paul MacVittie

Newbury, N.H.

Not Gorbachev’s failure

Leonid Bershidsky’s attempt to inter the daring cosmopolitan vision of Mikhail Gorbachev with his flawed bones brings to mind the old Russian proverb that it was not the devil who created hell but hell which gave rise to the devil (“Mikhail Gorbachev’s failures did not go deep enough,” Sept. 2). No world leader of my septugenarian lifetime braved more daunting obstacles in an internationalist campaign to break out of the hellish action-reaction cycle of cold war arms-racing driving humanity towards an omnicidal abyss.

That Gorbachev ultimately failed in his generous quest is far less a slur on his memory than a testament to how many high places across the world including our own precinct of an imperialized hell are still occupied by collaborative satanic figures who could not survive and prosper outside of the militaristic and chauvinist furnace of perpetual war.



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