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2022 HS football preview: Teams looking to build on last season

  • Lebanon High ball carrier Sawyer Beaulieu fights for yardage against Hartford during the teams’ preseason scrimmage Aug. 27, 2022 in White River Junction, Vt. (Valley News - Tris Wykes) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to valley news photographs — Tris Wykes

  • Lebanon High assistant football coach Doug Johnson demonstrates throwing form to senior Morgan Melendy during an Aug. 12, 2022, practice in Lebanon, N.H. The Raiders feature a new coaching staff and many new starters. (Valley News - Tris Wykes) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to Tris Wykes—Valley News

  • Newport High football coach John Proper addresses his team after its Aug. 24, 2022, practice in Newport, N.H. (Valley News - Tris Wykes) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to Tris Wykes—Valley News

  • Stevens High quarterback Jai-Lique Ribeiro hands off to running back Aiden Barry during an Aug. 15, 2022, practice at Monadnock Park in Claremont, N.H. (Valley News - Tris Wykes) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to Tris Wykes—Valley News

  • Woodstock High linemen drive the blocking sled during an Aug. 19, 2022, practice in Woodstock, Vt. The Wasps wear padded covers on their helmets in hopes of reducing head-impact injuries. (Valley News - Tris Wykes) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to Tris Wykes—Valley News

  • Oxbow High’s Hunter Fahey (Valley News - Tris Wykes) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to

  • Hanover High’s Montana Hanchett (Valley News - Tris Wykes) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to

  • Woodstock High’s Hudson Maxham. (Valley News - Tris Wykes) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to

  • Stevens High’s Colby Shepard. (Valley News - Tris Wykes) Copyright Valley News. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. Send requests to Tris Wykes—Valley News

Published: 9/1/2022 11:47:11 AM
Modified: 9/1/2022 11:46:58 AM

Coach: Sam Cavallaro (8)

Last year: 6-4

League: NHIAA Division II

Returnees: Seniors — Cam Bonner (TE/DL), Patrick Elder (OL/DL), Montana Hanchett (OL/DL), Matt Brock (RB/LB), Thomas Mosdal (OL/DL). Juniors — Roger Lucas (QB/DB), Jeffrey Vidou (RB/OLB), Teddy Sumner (WR/DB), Mateo Trimble (WR/OLB), Iain Fielder (WR/DB), Nels Jones (OL/DL), Caleb Buskey (TE/LB). Sophomores — Keegan Murphy (OL/LB), Beckett Sobel (WR/DB), David Frechette (RB/DB), Andrew Frechette (QB/LB), Aidan Caulfied (OL/DL), Faith Timmons (OL/DL), Tyler Gammel (OL/DL).

Newcomers: Seniors — Rowen Hutchins (OL/DL). Juniors — Jack Wilkerson (TE/LB), Bennet Palmer (OL/DL). Sophomores — Tanner Longmore (QB/RB/DB), Cody Stearns (OL/DL). Freshman — Roy Lucas (WR/DB), Ryan O’Hern (WR/DB), Ryan Carroll (WR/DB), Xander Salvatoriello (WR/LB), Charlie Chambers (RB/LB), John Taylor (RB/LB), Josh Janisse (RB/DB), Chris Ryckman (QB/LB), Stephen Lan (QB/DB), Ben Spencer (OL/DL), Benson Friede (OL/DL), Brennan O’Toole (OL/DL), Cyrus Lesser-Brunorr (OL/DL), Alex Boone (TE/LB), Jason Oriol (TE/DL), Wyatt Daigle (TE/DL).

Analysis: “We benefitted last year from great leadership and these guys have jumped right in where they left off,” said Cavallaro, whose team lost in last year’s division quarterfinals. “We’ve had a good turnout in the weight room since December and there’s a tremendous work ethic in this team. We have good size and speed.”


Coach: Matt Trombly (9)

Last year: 7-3

League: Vermont Division I

Returnees: Seniors — A.J. Aldrich (OL/DL), Connor Tierney (OL/DL), Trenton Bird (RB/DB), Ethan Jacobson (TE/DE), Justin Robinson (RB/LB), Nolan Morse (RB/LB). Juniors — Brayden Trombly (QB/DB), Brody Tyburski (RB/DE), Ezra Mock (RB/DB), Cole Withington (OL/LB), Andrew Keenan (OL/DL).

Newcomers: Seniors — Rocco Clough (OL/DL), Derik Dickinson (OL/DL), Sean Kelliher (RB/LB), Nic Larose (RB/DB), Cole Lucas (OL/DL). Juniors — Matt Franklin (OL/LB), Evan Lynds (WR/DB), Ryan Spaulding (OL/LB), Matt Cooney (OL/DL). Sophomores — Nick Daniels (RB/LB), Brandon Driver (OL/DL), Colby Tierney (TE/DE), Austin St. Peter (RB/LB), Tyler Piper (RB/LB).

Analysis: “Last season we exceeded everyone’s expectations and came up a couple points short,” said Matt Trombly, whose team reached the state semifinals. “Playing in a division where most schools’ enrollments are twice ours, one injury can be catastrophic to our success. The bottom line is we need to stay healthy.”


Coach: Herb Hatch (1)

Last year: 9-1

League: NHIAA Division II

Returnees: Seniors — Sawyer Beaulieu (RB/DB), Tanner Ames (TE/LB), Richie Gatto (RB/LB), Dustin Jarvis (OL/DL), Noah Lamontagne (OL/LB), Morgan Melendy (QB/DB), Colt Janes (OL/DL). Juniors — Jonathan Eylander (OL/DL), Conlyn Matson (RB/DB), Kylan Matson (RB/DB), Talan Patkul (RB/DB). Sophomores — Grayson Avery (TE/DE), Tanner Brown (TE/DE), Aero Buzby (RB/LB), Chris Kinne (OL/DL), Garrett Rose (OL/DL), Caleb Thornton (OL/DL), Dominic Wahl (RB/DB).

Newcomers: Seniors — Garrett Hansen (OL/DL), Chris Perriello (WR/CB). Junior — Shane Camp (QB/DB). Sophomore — Alex Aldrich (WR/DB). Freshmen — Jacob Cloutier (OL/DL), Giovanny Colon (RB/LB), Ben Direnzo (WR/DB), Alexander Koff (RB/DB), Noah Lahaye (OL/DL), Colby Leonard (RB/LB), Ryan Lundrigan (RB/LB), James Murphy (OL/DL), Patrick O’Neil (QB/LB).

Analysis: Fifteen-year coach Chris Childs and his entire staff departed in February after reaching the division semifinals. Hatch wasn’t hired until late May, shortly before the graduation of 13 players, including seven two-way starters. Childs was 77-55 and won the 2010 Division IV state title. Hatch was most recently a football head coach 23 years ago at Milford and last an assistant in 2016. He was Hanover’s head coach in the early 1990s. Lebanon returns only two starters in Beaulieu and Ames. Lebanon’s nine-member freshman class went winless last fall at the middle-school level.


Coach: John Daley (1)

Last year: 3- 7

League: NHIAA Division IV

Returnees: Seniors — Asa Michetti (RB/LB), Leighum Tetreault (WR/DB). Juniors — Connor Hobbs (OL/DE), Tyler-Jay Mardin (RB/LB). Sophomores — Gareth Brown (WR/DB), Brody Goulette (QB/DB), Ryan McKinley (OL/DL), Damian Nestle (RB/LB).

Newcomers: Seniors — Carl Barton (OL/DL) Logan Gilmore (WR,DB). Sophomores — Avery McDermott (OL/DL) Declan Lyons (WR/DB), Ethan Lewis (TE/DE), Kaden Jatczak (WR/DB). Freshmen — Landon Bocash (OL/DL) Colin Burns (RB/S) Justin Fletcher (QB/OLB), Kole Gilmore (WR,LB), Khale Labore (WR/DB), Ryan Morse (OL/DL), Colin Myers (WR/LB), Paxten Roberts (WR/OLB), Kyle Rostron (OL/DL), Neil Rugg (LB/RB), Peyton Sargent (OL/DL), Collin Smith (RB,LB), Myles Wetherbee (WR/DB).

Analysis: “It is our goal to continue the tradition of hard work, overcoming odds, and dedication that Royals before us have established,” said Daley, a former Mascoma player and assistant coach. “We have an uphill battle this season but wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Coach: John Proper (4)

Last year: 7-1

League: NHIAA Division 4

Returnees: Seniors — Karter Pollari (RB/LB), Tyler Gobin (RB/LB), Timmy Fratzel (G/DE), Tommy Spiker (G/LB), Darren Janicke (WR/S), Geoffrey Morrie (G/LB), Arthur Stanley (G/DT), Eric Wilkinson (WR/LB). Juniors — Logan Ash (T/DT), Kyle Ashley (QB/S), Andrew Chartier (T/DT), Lucas Devore (WR, CB). Sophomores — Christian Forsythe (WR/CB), Gabe Howe (RB/LB), Kamden Pollari (C/DT), Cameryn Simpson (RB/LB), Amilio Urista (FB/LB), Dylan Stanley (G/LB), Arron Fellows (QB/CB).

Newcomers: Seniors — Jake Baltazar (T/DT), Makyi Matheson (T/DT), Kayden LaClair (WR/CB). Juniors – Nikolas Blood (T/DT), Colton Godwin (G/DE). Sophomores – Noah Fryman (WR/S), Cayden Forand (RB/CD). Freshman – Kobie Curtis (TE/LB), Blake Ploss (QB/S), Adrian Sanchez (TE/LB), Brady Minckler (C/DT), Cayden Decato (G/DT), Aiden Couitt (TE/DE), Conor Clark (WR/CB).

Analysis: “Our goal is to improve every week and make it back to the playoffs,” said Proper, whose team exited in the first round last season. “We have a smaller team this year and will be counting on many of the newcomers to be major contributors.”


Coach: Chad Wescott (4)

Last year: 1-6

League: Vermont Division III

Returnees: Seniors — Chase Lund (QB/LB), Will Ilsley (RB/CB), Xavier Beaudin (WR/CB), Ryland Begnoche (OL/LB), Ben Knehr (TE/DE), Calvin Carbee (OL/DL), Nikk Schwarz (RB/LB). Juniors — Hunter Fahey (OL/DL), Alford Manning (RB/LB), Kody Schwarz (RB/CB). Sophomores — Christian Ditcheos (OL/DL), Chase Fischer (OL/LB), Isaac Russ (OL/DE), Owen Taylor (QB/CB), Ethan Davis (WR/CB).

Newcomers: Seniors — Michael Aldrich (TE/S). Juniors- Dakota Goodspeed (OL/DL). Freshman- Isaiha Anderson (OL/LB), Cooper Day (OL/DL), Keyes Degoosh (OL/DL), Jaxon Griffin (RB/LB), Brady Kilduf (RB/LB), Josiah Mosley (OL/DL), Evan Page (OL/DE), Jamal Saibou (WR/CB).

Analysis: The Olympians, who exited in the playoffs’ first round last fall, lost only three players to graduation and continue to work towards building what Wescott calls a “sustainable program” that’s not struggling for enough players each year. “We bring back a lot of starter experience and hope to build on that, leading to more victories and hopefully the first playoff win at Oxbow,” he said. “We will lean heavy on the experience and size we have on the line. We want to control the time of possession with long drives.”


Coach: Josh Duford (1)

Last year: 3-6

League: NHIAA Division III.

Returnees: Seniors — Kaden Thyne (WR/S), Aiden White (WR/CB), Jai-Lique Ribeiro (RB/CB), AJ Rozzell (TE/DE), Robert Inglee (OL/DT), Carson Vielguth (OL/LB), Lucas Smith (OL/DE), Colby Shepard (OL/LB), Cameron Oxton (OL/DT). Juniors — Tyler Christian (QB/LB), Aidan Barry (RB/LB), Kevin Brand (OL/DT), Braedan Pignatiello (OL/DT), Brayden Rostron (OL/DT). Sophomores — Kaine Daniels (QB/CB), Austin Simoneau (OL/DE), Hunter Watson (OL/DT), Steven Rheaume (OL/DT).

Newcomers: Senior — Corban Williams (OL/DT). Juniors — Joel Jowers (RB/LB), Devante Thompson (WR/S), Lochlainn Hinkson. Sophomores — Dezmond Abair (RB/CB), Logan Miller (RB/CB), Tristen Berry (TE/CB), Zach Richardson (TE/LB), Daunte Laraway (OL/DT). Freshmen — Scott Hagar (RB/LB), Jharin Valcourt-Garrow (WR/CB), Arianna Thompson (TE/LB), David Collins (TE/LB),Talon Morrison (OL/LB), Bentlei Madeja (OL/DT), Trenton Ring (OL/DE), Hazen Clay (OL/DT), Quincy Chivers (OL/DT).

Analysis: “We have a decent amount of returning players, especially on the offensive and defensive line, which should provide a level of consistency for us throughout the season,” said Duford, who takes over for Paul Silva, who’s staying on as defensive coordinator. How Christian, who suffered a severe knee injury last fall, adapts to a return to action is a key question.


Coach: Greg Balch (10)

Last year: 11-0

League: Vermont Division III

Returnees: Seniors — Tydus Percy (OL/DL), Rodger Petermann (TE/DE), Logan Worrall (RB/LB), Maison Fortin (QB/DB), Bradley Bowers (OL/DL), Vance Martin (OL/DL), Travis McAllister (RB/LB). Juniors — Carter Hodgdon (OL/DL), Avery Bean (OL/LB), Brody Osgood (RB/DB), Jonah Meadows (WR/DB), Tanner Moody (OL/RB/LB), Corey Lockwood (RB/QB/LB), Landon Mas (OL/DL).

Newcomers: Senior — Charles Palmer (OL/DL). Juniors — Owen Roberge (WR/DB), Anthony Cook (WR/DB), Dante Roy (OL/DL), Ryan Towne (OL/DL), Bradley Adams (WR/DB), Kobe Ovitt (OL/DL). Sophomores — Tanner Crane (WR/DB), Nicholas Harrison (OL/LB), Joey Gaudette (OL/LB), Gavin Martin (RB/DB), Kamden Ovitt (RB/DB). Freshmen — Chase Hodgdon (OL/DL), Tristan Merrill (OL/DL), Ethan Wood (OL/DL), Henry Rice (OL/DL), Tyson Allen (OL/LB), Morgan Johnson (OL/LB), Kolin Labarre (OL/DL).

Analysis: “Early results show that our players have been working hard in the offseason to prepare and they are hungry to perform at their best,” said Balch, whose team won the 2022 division title. “We have a number of experienced players returning which will be critical to compete against several larger schools that moved down to D3 and created what is now the biggest division in Vermont football.”


Coach: Ramsey Worrell (10)

Last season: 6-4

League: Vermont Division III

Returnees: Seniors — Cody Bartlett (OL/LB), Hudson Maxham (OL/DL), Izaiah Moses (OL/DL), Conner Dinn (LB/FB), Willie Underwood (FB/LB). Juniors — Meridian Bremel (OL/DL), Brooks Ruderman (RB/DB), Josh Hough (RB/DB). Sophomores: Caden Smith (TE/LB), Caeden Perreault (RB/DB), Chance Palmer (OL/DL), Colton Kowalski (OL/DL).

Newcomers: Senior — Holden Larmie. Junior — Jackson Martin. Sophomores: Ryan Underwood, Charlie Ward, Irie Cully. Freshmen — Asher Emery (QB), Ian Coates, Kyler Eaton, Max Corey, Pemyan Andersen, Brody Allen, Ben Rumelt, Ailey O’Neal, Liam Hill, Gianni Blanchard, Brody McGaffigan, Rowan Larmie, Ansel Oates, Ian Hewitt.

Analysis: After a winless 2019 season and the touch version of the sport that was played in 2020, the Wasps bounced back last fall and won a playoff game before exiting against arch-rival Windsor in the semifinals. However, Woodstock graduated 11 players from that team, including standout Corey White, and features only half a dozen seniors this season.

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