Forum, Dec. 5: Repair Lyme Road Soon

Monday, December 04, 2017
Repair Lyme Road Soon

As a resident of River Road south of the closure in Lyme, I wish there had been more perspective from affected residents in your story on the road’s delayed repair (“Officials Say River Road Plans on Hold: Lyme Remediation Effort Heads to Superior Court,” Dec. 2).

For David Roby to say, “River Road functions perfectly well as a dead-end road” is misguided and insulting to those of us who now have to drive 5 miles to get to the nearest road. What once was a 2-mile drive to town is now a 10-mile drive. Instead of getting to I-91 in five minutes, it now takes 25 minutes. It takes longer for emergency vehicles to get to our area, and if something happens south of us on River Road, we will be cut off completely. I agree the landowner should be compensated fairly for the taking of his land, but River Road should be repaired and reopened as soon as possible. It’s a matter of both public convenience and safety.

Nicholas Ashooh


The Real Liar?

I was surprised to read Jim Newcomb’s recent letter to the Forum about Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Since it was her grandparents who told her she had Native American blood, it must be her grandparents who were lying. Just couldn’t be Donald Trump, could it?

Dot Murphy


Relief for the Rich, Potholes for Us

The roads and bridges in this country are falling apart and are in desperate need of repair. This will cost the government, which is us, over a trillion dollars to repair. This was brought up over five years ago, and yet there’s been no progress.

Every day you drive on the roads and bridges, you are putting your life and your family’s lives in jeopardy. But what comes first, a huge tax break for millionaires and billionaires? But like the Republicans say, this tax break will trickle down in about 10 years.

Well, George Herbert Walker Bush said the same thing when he was president, and you know what, nothing has splashed or trickled down in almost 20 years, except money trickling into offshore banks so we cannot tax it.

So you know who comes first: Big Money Donors. It’s called payback for their support to help elect these politicians. We cannot fix roads and bridges, because this will cost over a trillion dollars, but give-backs and tax savings will cost the same.

Robert Pollard


Death and Taxes

My spirits were buoyed while reading Monday’s paper. Is it an omen that the article “GOP Must Hash Out Tax Differences” was placed on the same page as the obituaries? Hope so.

Andy Lory

Barre, Vt.

Thanks, Rivendell Folks

The Orford Senior Center wishes to thank the Rivendell cook, staff and students for sponsoring, preparing and serving a free, delicious Thanksgiving harvest dinner to all our congregate meal members. We also thank the Rivendell chorus for entertaining us. We all enjoyed the day immensely, and it was deeply appreciated.

Mary L. Welch, coordinatorOrange Area Senior Services


Who Really Benefits?

I pinch myself to think that people’s memories are so short that we are once again asked to believe that cutting taxes on the wealthiest citizens and corporations will “stimulate the economy and promote job growth.” Wasn’t that the approach sponsored by the perfidious Bush administration? How’d that work out come 2008? Answer: just fine for those at the very top, despite their multiple malfeasances. As for the rest of the population, well …

Sydney Lea

Newbury, Vt.