Forum, Nov. 12: Let Children Ride Bikes Safely in Hanover

Saturday, November 11, 2017
Let Children Ride Bikes Safely

I must disagree with Windsor resident Cecelia Blair who wrote following the fatal bicyclist/pedestrian accident north of town, on a sidewalk near CRREL and Kendal (“Hanover Must Act on Cyclists,” Nov. 8). She stated, “Children too ought to be prohibited from riding on the sidewalk, at least in the central district.”

On the contrary, downtown Hanover is probably the most hazardous part of town for young children to be riding in the street. Cars, buses and trucks of every size jockeying for parking spots, backing out, making deliveries and otherwise cutting through town create numerous hazards. As a parent of young children who are learning both about bicycle safety and distracted drivers, I am grateful that the law allows for children 12 and under to ride on the sidewalk. Dismounting in a crowd is always a good idea. The creation of additional dedicated bike paths around town would be better still. I too am saddened by the accident, but it’s clear that a young child did not cause this fatality and it did not occur in the central district. Let’s continue to keep our kids safe.

Beth DeSimone