Forum, Oct. 13: The Shooter’s Agenda

Thursday, October 12, 2017
The Shooter’s Agenda

As this is written, it’s looking more and more like the search for the motive behind the Las Vegas massacre has devolved into a search for an explanation more politically palatable than the one the currently available evidence suggests.

For example, the most logical conclusion (and the perpetrator was nothing if not logical) to be drawn from the preposterously superfluous weapons, ammunition and explosives left to be found by investigators is that the gunman had ample reason to believe they would be seized upon by gun-control advocates and the news media before the blood of the victims was even dry. The supposed research into alternative venues left to be found on a computer served beautifully to magnify the sense of vulnerability experienced by the rest of the country with a minimal expenditure of effort and expense. About the only thing the perpetrator overlooked was to leave a silencer lying around, not that the oversight prevented anyone from jumping on that particular bandwagon.

It’s also telling that he appears to have had no interest in shooting prior to the event.

If one were to meticulously plan an act of domestic terrorism with a view to furthering the gun-control agenda by methodically appealing to every hobgoblin that haunts the fevered minds of its champions, it would look a lot like Las Vegas.

The above is pure speculation on my part but, pending the discovery of evidence to the contrary, it looks like the way to bet.

Anthony Stimson


Don’t Look to Europe

Last weekend, gun control was discussed by a panel on TV. The pro gun-control side stated that we should emulate what exists in Europe. It occurred to me that Europe collectively was directly responsible for World Wars I and II, which led to the deaths of millions. On a local level, it created many single-parent households.

Tim Bowen


Control People, Not Guns

Here we go again: “gun control” because another lunatic has done a mass shooting. People, it is not the gun that is to blame. Rather, it is the lunatic who pulled the trigger. It is the person who needs to be controlled.

I might suggest that the medical records of the ones who have done these shootings be examined to see if there is a common denominator that might suggest a reason why they do this shooting. Especially look at mental health records or PTSD issues and then see if they are gun possessors. It is time to focus on these people and not so much on guns. If this proves to bring up some basic cause, then doctors should be on the lookout for this kind of behavior in all patients and alert law enforcement if a person looks like a danger to society, before they do a crime.

There are far too many guns out there that these people will obtain to do their evil deeds no matter what. These guns are well beyond any form of control. Let’s stop making it so difficult for good people who own guns.

I might also add, what about people being exposed to so much violence on TV these days? And, why does the media always do overkill with broadcasting these events over and over to the glory of the perpetrators? This is like telling the next one how to do it. Let us control these things more than we control gun use by those who use guns correctly.

Thank you to all who helped these victims. But let’s try something else to bring this to an end.

Jo Hatstat


Rally for the Soil

We are grateful that the Valley News featured the Organic Farmer Parade and Rally to Keep the Soil in Organic scheduled Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Dartmouth Green in Hanover.

The parade starts at 2 p.m. at Hanover High School at the Hovey Lane entrance and will march to the Dartmouth Green, up Lebanon Street to Main Street, culminating in a rally on the Dartmouth Green from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The Oct. 11 article mentioned the misuse of the organic label on hydroponic tomatoes, peppers and lettuce but did not mention berries — the worst offender. A large percentage of the berries being sold as certified organic in the U.S. are actually hydroponic, have never touched soil, and their hydroponic nature is not disclosed anywhere on the label. This is a very deceptive practice dishonoring the transparency that organic farming and labeling standards are supposed to provide consumers.

This is our last opportunity as consumers and supporters of organic food and farming to take a stand against the weakening of organic standards to allow hydroponic growing practices, deceptive labeling and the inclusion of confined animal-feeding operations that do not honor soil health and organic principles.

Cat Buxton


Pancreas Education Day

On Saturday, Oct. 28, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, home of the Walter and Carole Young Pancreas Center, will host the annual Pancreas Education Day. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with pancreatic disease, pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer, this is a chance to learn more about pancreatic disease. The free event will include presentations by Dr. Timothy Gardner, director of pancreatic disorders and gastroenterologist, Dr. Kerrington Smith, surgical oncologist, and Jeannine Mills, nutritionist. You’ll also hear from a patient who has dealt with pancreatic disease.

Those who attend will learn they aren’t going through the journey alone. Having lost both my mother and husband to pancreatic cancer, I attend the annual event to learn about new research and treatment options. It’s also my way of showing support for the doctors who are so passionate about helping people who are dealing with pancreatic disease.

Early registration is suggested as past events have been well-attended and seating is limited. You can register online at d-h.org/pancreasday, or call 603-653-9188.

Maureen Hirtle

Hooksett, N.H.

Supporting Brian Sullivan

On Nov. 7, voters in Cornish, Grantham, Plainfield and Springfield have the opportunity to vote for a new state representative in the upcoming special election. This election will determine who fills former State Rep. Andy Schmidt’s seat for the remaining half of the 2017-2018 term. I am endorsing Brian Sullivan, as has Schmidt, State Rep. Linda Tanner, former Agricultural Commissioner Steve Taylor and former State Sen. Peter Burling.

Sullivan brings a unique perspective to the multifarious demands of serving in the Statehouse. He began his career teaching science in public schools in New Hampshire’s North Country, then devoted three decades to resolving conflicts, negotiating differences, and developing strategies to best meet the needs of students, teachers and educational institutions while working for the National Education Association. Sullivan demonstrated thoughtful and principled leadership, a willingness to listen and work with both sides of an issue to reach mutually beneficial outcomes and a keen appreciation of the role of education in ensuring New Hampshire’s future economic success.

Sullivan supports Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ rights as human rights, expanding voter rights and the dedication of public funds to the benefit of public schools. He is passionate about broadening opportunities for young people, increasing public understanding of science, promoting cutting-edge innovations in businesses, as well as providing a path forward to a clean-energy future.

If you live in Sullivan County District 1, please cast your ballot for Brian Sullivan on Nov. 7.

State Rep. Lee Oxenham, D-Plainfield