Forum, Aug. 4: Excellent News

Thursday, August 03, 2017
Excellent News

I had to shake my head in disbelief after reading Tim Dreisbach’s Aug. 1 letter bemoaning the Valley News’ use of articles from The Washington Post. In these times of “fake news” and blatant, intentional distortions emanating from the White House, I would think we should all appreciate receiving news directly from the most prestigious newspaper in our nation’s capital.

As a resident of Portland, Ore., who visits family in the Upper Valley twice a year, I always look forward to reading the Valley News for its breadth of of coverage. Portland’s largest daily, The Oregonian, delivers only four days a week and has far fewer guest columnists than does the Valley News. I wish we had such an excellent paper that would bring important news from across the country in my neck of the woods.

Keep up the excellent coverage!

Doug Bridge

Sunapee and Portland, Ore.

Keep Up the Good Work

Tim Dreisbach’s recent letter (“Too Much ‘Washington Post,’ Aug. 1) certainly does not speak for all Valley News readers. I, for one, welcome the abundance of Washington Post articles and opinion pieces that appear in the Valley News. The result is that I do not have the expense of subscribing to The Washington Post, while at the same time I still get all the great Valley News coverage of state, regional and local news.

Thank you, Valley News. Keep up the good work.

Russell Clark


Parking Crunch in Hanover

Parking in Hanover has become increasingly more difficult this summer. Thursdays are the hardest, with an Osher lecture filling Spaulding Auditorium, and the other days seem to be crammed  with events, summer camps and people from out of town visiting the Dartmouth campus.

I  appeal to the Dartmouth community and the town of Hanover to remember that we who live in the Upper Valley are the people who would like to support businesses in Hanover for 12 months a year. Do we need a parking garage reserved for those who work in town? Does Dartmouth need to build one for their in-town employees and all of the events they sponsor?

Obviously I do not know the answer, but I do know that finding a parking spot in Hanover makes me think several times before going into town to shop.  I would love to keep it local, but it is becoming  increasingly difficult to do so. 

Penny McConnel


Don’t Miss This Operetta

If you can, there’s still time to get tickets for Opera North’s production of Jacques Offenbach’s crazy fun operetta, La Belle Hélène. It would be a shame to miss it.

I’m recommending it because it is a wonderful break from Things Going Badly in the Wide World. How can you go wrong, when Greek mythology meets sexy French farce, and delightful music is built upon utter nonsense?  

The costumes are great, the singing is marvelous, the acting and dancing are terrific, the music and direction are fabulous. I hate being told what I will feel, but I have to say that General Director Evans Haile was absolutely right in his opening night announcement: I enjoyed it tremendously from start to finish, and laughed most of the way through.

Give this not-very-well-known work a try and get a good healing dose of Offenbach gaiety.

Lydia Spitzer

North Pomfret

Thanks for Helping ‘Night Out’

I wanted to give public thanks to those who made our 2nd Annual National Night Out a resounding success. National Night Out began 34 years ago to promote community building and furtherance of police-community partnerships.

Attendance at our second event went up dramatically, as did participation of various community groups and city departments. Our primary sponsor, Mascoma Savings Bank, donated all of the food for the event and provided grills and volunteers to cook and do face-painting.

I’d also like to thank the Lebanon Assembly of God Church for providing volunteers, face-painting and games for the many children in attendance. McDonald’s (The Napoli Group) provided hundreds of cards for ice cream and food.

Finally, I’d like to thank our community for coming out in droves and helping build good will and community partnerships. I had many great conversations and saw many new faces. I look forward to next year’s event, which we hope will be bigger and better.

Richard Mello

Lebanon Chief of Police

John Chapin Changed Hanover

In many respects, John Chapin, founder of the Canoe Club, changed and enhanced the landscape and experience of dining in downtown Hanover. He had live music every evening and enjoyed promoting local talent. He was also an early supporter of farm-to-table and incorporated many ingredients from local farms on his menu.

It was always a joy to go to his restaurant because I knew that Chapin would be there to greet me and make me feel like an important customer and friend. This carried over to his wait staff, too. Thank you, John Chapin, for so many wonderful years of the Canoe Club.

Elizabeth Bower


Volunteers Needed

While the flooding of July 1 may see like a fading memory for many, for some in our communities it is an event from which we are still recovering. Dozens of families faced washed-out driveways and flooded basements.

Upper Valley Strong, a volunteer organization, is working with a number of households to help address the damage. We have homes that still need basements cleaned out before we begin the reconstruction process, including homes in Hartford and Bradford, Vt. If you have time to volunteer this weekend, we need you! A few hours this weekend will make a big difference.  Please visit our website at UVStrong.org if you can help.  

Andrew Winter

Chair, UV Strong Committee

Why No China Sanctions?

Congress has passed new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea. President Trump has signed this bill into law. Where are the sanctions against China? Chinese hackers broke into the records of the Office of Personnel Management and stole information about more than 20 million Americans. Whereas the alleged Russian hacks remain unproven, this one isn’t in dispute. Why no action on this?

Patrick O’Connor


Shame on Hanover

Shame on you, Hanover residents, seizing a property you want for your use by evicting those in need for  $3,000  in back taxes (“Town Seizes Mink Brook Parcel,” Aug, 1).

It’s such a cheap price to pay to get the land you want … legal theft! The homeless people living next to your precious Hanover Conservancy have nowhere to go. You should be helping owner David Vincelette and the homeless he is helping. Shame on you.  

Jean Liepold