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Forum, Aug. 6: Regrets for Third-Party Vote; Support the Candidates

Published: 8/5/2016 10:00:01 PM
Modified: 8/5/2016 10:00:11 PM

Regrets for a Third-Party Vote

In 1980, I voted for the impressive independent candidate John B. Anderson. I thought he might actually win. Anderson received 6.6 percent of the popular vote. I have always regretted voting for Anderson. Though it appears Carter would probably have lost the election anyway, perhaps there would not have been such a right-wing mandate in Reagan’s landslide victory.

I vowed to vote only for credible candidates in the future. See How Nader Cost Gore an Election — Washington Post, Feb. 6, 2015. Consider whether Gore and Bush were really “tweedledum and tweedledee,” as the far left would have it. Of what judges would the Supreme Court now consist, had Gore become president? Would we have become embroiled in the expensive quagmire of Iraq, which has wrecked countless lives? Would the U.S., on principle, have halted family-planning support to all organizations that offer abortions? I believe the answer to all of the above questions is no.

The Republicans, who have sowed doubt when there is none, particularly with regard to Benghazi and Clinton’s emails, have done such a terrific job smearing Clinton that even the left’s views of her have been negatively swayed. Bernie Sanders, for whom I voted in the primary and who Vermonters know is a practical, serious and effective politician, has thrown his weight behind Hillary Clinton. He knows what a disaster a Trump presidency would be. I’m betting he’s appalled at the idea that he might end up inadvertently being a “spoiler.”

Rather than delighting Trump by “sending a message” (voting for a third-party candidate), picture the U.S. under President Trump — way more of a nightmare than even Reagan or George W. Bush.

Please vote for Hillary Clinton, a terrific candidate.

Peggy Richardson


Supporting Sue Minter

After reading the letter supporting Matt Dunne, I thought I should write in support of my chosen candidate, Sue Minter.

Her support for gun control and her assistance to those suffering from Irene are two of the reasons, plus her years of public service.

Helen B. Michalowitz


McCormack Serves Vermont

Being a fellow resident of Bethel, I have known Sen. Dick McCormack for over 30 years. Long before McCormack became a senator in Windsor County in 1989, he served his community and state on many levels.

I have always known McCormack to be a person with the utmost integrity and honesty, and I am happy to know that he brings those qualities to the committees he sits on in the Senate, particularly the Government Accountability and Health and Welfare committees. McCormack is a public servant who remembers why he was elected and always strives to improve the way of life for his Vermont constituents.

Please vote to re-elect Sen. Dick McCormack in the Vermont primary on Tuesday.

Janine Reeves


Briglin Leads and Helps

Public service: Candidates say they’re all for it. Tim Briglin shows he’s all for it. The best public servants identify ways that their skills can help the community move ahead into the future. Then they do, rather than talk. We’ve known Briglin for all the time he’s lived in Thetford. We know that he has particular skills that benefit our community. Listening skills. Business skills. Analytical skills. And people skills.

He talks to people, listens, and plans a course of action. Often Briglin leads on the way to solutions, as he has done in his business, and as president of Thetford Academy’s trustees. Just as often, Tim gets in harness and pulls, as he has done in the Vermont House, and on several local boards of directors. Tim Briglin has done an excellent job of serving the people of Norwich, Sharon, Strafford and Thetford. We are going to vote for him to continue that service next week.

Dana and Dan Grossman

East Thetford

Masland Inspires Young People

I urge voters in Norwich, Sharon, Strafford and Thetford to vote for Jim Masland. I am a constituent of his, have worked with him building Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity homes since 2006, and have seen his encouragement of young leaders. As a state representative, Masland has always been responsive to my questions and concerns about both town and state matters. He has sponsored over 120 bills in the Vermont House. On Habitat job sites, I have been impressed with Masland’s ability to respectfully engage and teach construction job skills to college student volunteers and to community volunteers. During their college years, many students come back to work on Habitat homes, in part because of Masland’s mentoring and positive engagement. Even after graduation, some of these students have stayed in contact with him.

When my 28-year-old daughter was a senior in high school, her Senior Capstone Science class did an in- depth study into Vermont’s energy future. Her class sent its report to Masland as one of our state representatives. He suggested and then arranged for her class to present their study to the Legislature’s House Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. It was an empowering experience for these students and gave them experience in participation in the legislative process.

Tim McCosker


‘Pedal Power to the People’

The all-volunteer staff of Royalton Community Radio/WFVR-LP would like to thank everyone who made our recent “Pedal Power to the People” biking benefit a financial success. With over 400 miles covered on many routes through the hills and valleys of over 10 towns in the Upper White River Watershed, our collective ridership turned in superior sore saddle sessions on both mountain and road bikes

In addition to rider registrations, several generous donations from individuals and underwriters were tendered to the station allowing Free Vermont Radio to meet its fundraising goal of $3,000. This amount will now be matched by a grant from the Byrne Foundation.

Thanks again to everyone who continues to support truly independent radio and mark your calendars for 2017’s “4th Pedal Power to the People “up on the Tunbridge Fairground’s Antique Hill,” tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 22.

Royalton Community Radio serves the communities of the Upper White River Watershed on-air at 96.5 FM and on the web at

Todd Tyson

President, Royalton Community Radio
President, Royalton Community Radio


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