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Forum, Aug. 1: Case Against Trump; A Better Olympics

Published: 7/31/2016 10:00:18 PM
Modified: 7/31/2016 10:00:13 PM

The Case Against Trump

With regard to Steve Nelson’s latest column, (“Sexism is Involved in Hatred of Clinton,” July 24) relative to Donald Trump:  Nelson has made an excellent case against Mr. Trump. Has either party ever in our nation’s history had a more immature, juvenile candidate for the presidency?

Roy S. Black

White River Junction

Supporting Phil Scott

Over the past decade, we have been impressed with how Phil Scott has grown in his roles, first as state senator, and then as our lieutenant governor. Both of us are intimately involved in health care, and Phil has always been able to speak knowledgeably and realistically about the challenges and possible solutions for Vermont when it comes to paying for health care. Perhaps that reflects his roots of growing up in a Vermont household that faced the challenges we all do, and then successfully running a business and meeting payroll — much more of a challenge than most people think.

His leadership was proven during Tropical Storm Irene, when he not only rolled up his sleeves and went to work with his construction company’s equipment, but also advocated for the needs of some Vermonters who lost everything when their trailers were destroyed.

We have also noted with satisfaction that he can work across the aisle when it matters to get things done for Vermonters. We recommend and will be pleased to see Phil Scott as the next governor of Vermont.

William E. and Linda J. Minsinger

Randolph Center

A Better Olympics

While I duly respect Paul Christensen’s opinion (“A New Olympic Model” in your July 24 “Perspectives”) that the Olympics need a serious reorganization, I think he missed some important points. First of all, each of its constituent sports already holds a competition in a different global city. They are called “World Championships.”

Second, the obscene amount of money spent on each Olympiad’s presentation is based upon the premise that it has to constantly be moved from city to city. Imagine if America followed that model for its World Series, Superbowl or NBA Championship, and erected a new, multibillion dollar stadium every year? The Olympics are a Greek tradition, so why not permanently move it to Greece? Build its venues once, and be done with it.

Thirdly, all this cheating would be over pretty quick if, once caught, the athlete was banned for life. One and done; back to a 9-to-5 job for you!

Next, we have the overblown image of national teams, complete with matching uniforms, national flags and medal counts. These only serve to confuse sports with politics. Start by returning to strict amateurism, set up a preliminary competition by continent (not country), and let the athlete compete against other athletes (and not against national training centers).

America is no better than the rest of the world when it comes to overdoing the role of sports in our lives, and that’s fine. If someone wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a seat to watch a self-important, steroid-enhanced “athlete” play games until he is middle aged, that’s his business. However, I doubt if that was what the ancient Greeks had in mind when they thought up their Games, with the emphasis on G-A-M-E!

Ralph Epifanio


Backing Tim Briglin

Tim Briglin is running for re-election to the Vermont State House, and as someone who has known him for nearly 20 years, I want to share some of my thoughts about the kind of person he is.

When we first met in 1998, Tim was a colleague of my wife’s. He and his wife, Laurel, soon became fast friends, and when they were ready to buy their first home, we couldn’t have been happier that they chose Thetford. They still live in that same home, a mile from our own, and it’s fair to say that our families have grown up together.

Tim’s intelligence is obvious to anyone who meets him. What you find when you get to know him better is a deep well of compassion for and commitment to our communities. Tim’s community service gene is deeply embedded in his DNA.

I was fortunate to see Tim’s tireless volunteerism firsthand in his role as a trustee, and later as president, of the Thetford Academy Board of Trustees. As president, Tim provided thoughtful, responsive and consensus-building leadership at a critical time in the school’s history. He has more integrity than anyone I know.

Two years ago, Tim brought these same qualities to his work as a legislator. Since his arrival in Montpelier, he has been tireless in his efforts to ensure that the needs and concerns of people in our towns are heard. Voters of Thetford, Sharon, Strafford and Norwich: We are fortunate to have someone of Tim Briglin’s experience and character representing us in Montpelier.  Please join me in voting to re-elect Tim for state representative in the Aug. 9 primary.

Joe Deffner

Thetford Center

Impressed by Alison Clarkson

Few elected officials have impressed me more than Alison Clarkson who’s now running to be a state senator in Windsor County. In the 12 years she’s been a state representative (Woodstock, Reading and Plymouth), Alison’s shown tremendous energy and intelligence taking on all problems, big or small.

When Tropical Storm Irene ripped through our communities, Alison became a positive force of nature as she coordinated much of the recovery effort for those hit hardest. She continues to win the respect of peers and awards from organizations across the state. Business leaders, small farmers and Congressman Peter Welch applaud Alison’s accomplishments in Montpelier and throughout her legislative district.

Her fiscal discipline is well known in the Ways & Means Committee where she’s served, as well as her wisdom in her time on the Judiciary Committee. She knocks on doors to talk with voters to learn what matters most to them. Please support Alison Clarkson with your vote on Aug. 9.

Bob Williamson

South Woodstock 



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