Forum, July 27: Legacy of an Incredible Lacrosse Coach; Take the Blinders Off

Published: 7/26/2016 10:00:10 PM
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The Legacy of an Incredible Coach

In response to recent reports in the press about our former head coach, Amy Patton, we members of the Dartmouth women’s lacrosse team would like to share our perspective regarding her departure from the program. Our story is quite different from what has been publicized.

To Amy, being a member of the team meant more than simply being a lacrosse player. Amy prioritized recruiting girls who would embrace our traditions and culture rather than simply recruiting talent. We chose Dartmouth because, as aspiring and ambitious women, we knew that being a part of a program led by Amy Patton would develop us not only into great student-athletes, but also into great individuals. Amy promoted this by maintaining an unwavering faith in the potential of her players; she saw more in us than we saw in ourselves, and nothing is more empowering.

While winning games is important to our program, Amy always believed that character-building came first. Amy helped us recognize that success is never defined by awards or stats, but by growth in who we are as women.

Upholding personal values of integrity, respect, high standards and pride is paramount in Amy’s life, and she expected the same from us. Led by her example, we learned how to hold ourselves and others accountable to the highest standard and how to put the team before individual goals.

By challenging us daily, Amy taught us that nothing comes easily. She rewarded hard work, integrity and discipline, and would never compromise to accommodate those who did not share these convictions. She taught us that there are no rewards without effort. And, in the same vein, she showed us the importance of a growth mindset, that mistakes and criticism should be regarded as learning opportunities, and constructive feedback as a sign of support. These life lessons have made us better teammates, classmates, co-workers, and, ultimately, better versions of ourselves. They are qualities that we will rely on years after we leave Hanover.

Amy built a culture of excellence, pride and growth around the program. It is no coincidence that more Dartmouth parents and alumni appear at away games than the home teams’ fans. Amy created a lacrosse family that transcends the game itself. Being a Dartmouth women’s lacrosse player is not easy, but if you persevere, you will graduate with a lifetime support system of hundreds of amazing women all connected by Amy.

It is possible that Amy may have been misunderstood by those who never had the opportunity of putting on a jersey for her. So it is imperative that we define Amy Patton’s legacy for what it is — an incredible coach, mentor and someone who upheld the Dartmouth way — on the field and off.

Blake Hamblett, Kristen Hinckley, Lauren Maiorano, Taryn Deck, Courtney Weisse,
Kelly Dolan

Members of the Dartmouth women’s lacrosse team

Columnist Missed the Mark

Ann McFeatters’ op-ed column must have been written when she was under the influence of whatever FBI Director James Comey took (“GOP Platform Is Terrifying Rejection of American Liberties.”) As a Republican, I do not want the Bible taught as gospel in public schools; most public educators have not read the Bible and know as much about it as students know about the subjects they teach. What I would like is for teachers to have degrees in the subjects they teach, which happens in almost all countries except the U.S. Teaching high school English with an education degree does not cut it.

I have several relatives and friends who are lesbian/gay couples and they want and instill “family values” in their children. They want the same things for their children that my husband and I wanted for our sons and now want for our grandchildren.

I also believe that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, even though she is not behind bars.

As for the Republicans who tried to become the presidential nominee, I have this to say: Your word means nothing. You promised on national TV during interminable debates that you would support whoever got the nomination — Cruz, Fiorina, Kasich, Paul, Bush, but you all lied. Were you trying to be like Hillary Clinton?

Marcella Logue


Take the Blinders Off

Normally thoughtful people who proudly announce that they, though Democrats, will not vote for Hillary Clinton absolutely appall me. Don’t they realize that a non-vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump? — Are they so short-sighted and blindered that they don’t think that far ahead, or worse, don’t really care who wins as long as it’s “not Hillary?” Haven’t we all heard that useful, moderate advice, not to let perfect be the enemy of good? Don’t we all envision what would happen if an egomaniacal sociopath is allowed to put his brand on the U.S. (his ultimate dream, of course)? And don’t forget, once Trump has stamped something with his brand, he vanishes, leaving others to pay the bill. Thoughtful voters, wake up before it’s too late — let’s all remove our blinders and think of the future.

Nan Bourne


Supporting Ron Miller

On Aug. 9, voters in the Windsor 5 district will have the opportunity to vote for a stellar candidate in Ron Miller for state representative. Ron’s qualities have so impressed me that I am honored to be his campaign treasurer. In his leadership positions with Sustainable Woodstock, the Learning Collaborative, Bookstock and others, he has demonstrated that the way he tackles an issue is most impressive — reading and talking to people from all sides and truly listening and validating disparate ideas so that consensus can be reached. He has shown a willingness to understand and address the problems of our day. Wouldn’t we in Windsor 5 and in Vermont be so lucky to have Ron serve in the Statehouse?

Joan Williamson

South Woodstock

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