Backpacks Contain a World of Work, or a World of Wonder

Grade 10, Woodstock
Monday, May 01, 2017

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Prompt: Backpack. You’re digging in your backpack and you come across the most incredible thing.

Ode to the Weight on My Shoulders

Like Dora I rely on my pack,

It has every little thing I lack.

The fact I forgot during my test

Is in that book next to the rest.

It bears the weight I carry on my shoulder,

Gaining pounds with each year I get older.

It holds my future by worksheet and note,

Each calculation and essay I wrote.

I know this bag always has my back,

It can decipher the codes I cannot crack.

If you seek this help, then be my guest;

My backpack has proven to be the best.

It contains the plethora of binder and folder,

An absolute stun to every beholder.

Now granted, I really don't want to gloat,

Yet there is nothing about these for one to demote.

A backpack is really a nerd's best friend,

Providing the support, a person just can't extend.

New World

Pushing aside paper and pencils,

I look for the book,

My book of stories,

Far off places, magic spells,

A prince in disguise.

My hand goes lower into the abyss,

I touch something soft, and frown at the bag,

Leaning, I look deep, look in but see nothing.

Actually nothing.

Just a black hole, not even the glimmer of metal from the notebook rings,

But I do hear something,

A sound,

Almost like a little bird in the morning,

Or rain on a tin roof.

I lean closer, and closer,

My ear almost pressing on the canvas of the backpack.

Then, I'm falling,

Down, down, down,

Deeper and deeper into,



I hit the ground.

Looking around I see flowers,

I see color,

I see everything, I can smell everything, I can feel everything.

There are things here, plants, animals, I have never seen before.

I don't think anyone has seen them before.

I found this new world,

And it seems wonderful,

But then,

I think of my dog,

Think of my friends,

Think of everything real.

Maybe it's not.