Students Imagine the Moment When a Door Opens

Grade 3, Tunbridge Central School
Monday, March 13, 2017

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This week’s prompt: Door. You’re left alone at home one night and you discover a door that you have never seen before. Of course, you open it … and then what?

One Night

One night when I was left alone I went into the basement to get my tablet. There was a medieval door I’d never known about with ancient writing on it. I didn’t know what it said, but I opened it. Three demons attacked me! I finally kicked them down to the bottomless pit of this world. The next night I went into that room in the basement, but the door was not there! There was a scroll on the wall that said, “Every five years the door appears. …”

Horses in Paris

I was left alone in the house. I went to my bedroom and saw a secret door with pictures of horses on it. “What could be inside?” I wondered. “Maybe wild horses?”

I went through the door and saw wild horses — in Paris! I was surprised when a unicorn came up to me and asked me to get on so he could show me around. I saw more wild horses and a fashion boutique named the “Beauty of Life.” He even showed me the Eiffel Tower.

After seeing these sights, I decided I wanted to stay there forever. Then one dark day, my parents came and I said, “I’m staying right here forever.”

They stayed for two days, then left after the Unicorn Show. But I stayed forever and I was happy. My sister came and stayed, too. We played with the horses and celebrated every day.

The Music

I hear a creak. The house is dark and quiet. Then muffled music starts to play. I walk toward the music. Down the stairs. Into the dining room. Into the basement.

There is a tiny door with light rays coming out. Curiosity takes over and I open the door. I squint at the bright light. I freeze.

Inside the door there is another world. The grass is greener. The sun is brighter. Little cartoons start to parade around. A lion. A zebra. They are all so bright. They start to parade into the dark basement. I think I’m going crazy. I take the creatures and try to shove them back in the door. But every time I touch one, my hand just goes through.

I start to run upstairs. I jump into my bed and cover my face with my sheets. The music gets louder and louder until it feels like it is on top of me. Then it stops.

The Door

The wind is howling, and the moon shines through the clouds. I lie in my bed. There is silence. It is so silent that I could hear the pitter-patter of mice feet. In the other room, my parents are fast asleep; I am the only one up. I lie in bed with no movement.

All of a sudden, I see the door open. No one is there. Hesitating to look down, I see my cat. A sigh of relief goes through me. I try to remind myself that I will be living tomorrow. It doesn't work though, and a rush of every single bad thing that could happen to me goes through my head.

Then I drift off into a light sleep. As my eyelids cover my eyes, I am faced with darkness. I appear in a black room. I walk around the room, skeptical of every step I take. It is so dark that I can't even see my own hand. I take my next step, and the floor creaks. I then take a few more steps and I see a light.

“What was that noise?” I whisper to myself.

I walk into the living room, I see my reflection in the big window across from me. I also see a peculiar door, one that has never been in my house. “What would a door be doing in the middle of the room?” A light is shining out the bottom.

I start to bicker to myself, “Go in; it will be fun.”

“It could be dangerous!”

Part of me wants to explore and figure out what the light is. What does it lead to? Why is it on? The other half is nervous and wants to go back to bed.

I decide to go in; every muscle in my body is tense. I am faced with what seems like a parallel universe. It is a spinning motion of colors. I step through and get tossed around. Finally, the spinning stops, and I’m thrown on the ground in my yard. I see my house, but it looks dead. There are cobwebs on the front porch. The trees around are dead; the garden is full of shriveled leaves and flowers that no longer stand. The air is cold and wet. I can hear the crunching of leaves under my feet, and I walk.

A shiver of fear goes down my spine. I go into the house: is it my house? I never thought I would see my house like this. I hear the whistle of the wind through the half open windows. The curtains in front are blowing crazily. I walk up stairs and hear a door slam. …

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