Young Writers Answer a Complex Question: Who Do I Think I Am?

Age 13, Piermont
Monday, November 20, 2017

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This week’s prompt: I am. Write a piece that begins or ends with the phrase, “I am the one who …” or “I am what I am.”

I am who I am

I am fire and rain.

I am love and sadness.

I am powerlessness and control.

I am scared and brave.

I am awkward and graceful.

I am happiness and anger.

I am math and art.

I am science and writing.

I am words and rainbows.

I am plaid shirts and black pants.

I am pride bracelets and Converse shoes.

I am silver earrings and black glasses.

I am who I am.

Who are we?

I am who I am,

but, truly, who are we?

I am a human down to a milligram.

We are living beings like a tree.

We all have similar physical features.

We share the world and nature,

yet we look at ourselves as different creatures

as if we are divided by a great glacier.

Who we truly are is defined by the inside.

Our personality makes us significant.

This is what should make the great divide,

what might separate us as different.

It should not depend on a face.

This we all must embrace.

I am

I am who I am.

I am short yet tall.

I am big yet small.

I am different but the same.

I am equal but not equal.

I am old but I was young.

I am fragile but I was fit.

I am bold.

I am scared.

I am weak.

I am strong.

I am who I am.

Nature’s child

I am who I am

I am a little crazy and weird —

weird in a good way —

way too passionate,

passionate about nature.

Nature is my home,

home to myself —

myself can drive me insane.

Insane are my many hobbies,

hobbies like soccer, theater, and books —

books I can drown in,

in ways more than one.

One word can be powerful;

powerful is the sentence:

I am who I am.