YWP: A Beautiful Morning and a Valentine to a Dog

Age 16, Bradford, Vt.
Monday, February 12, 2018

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This week’s prompts: Morning. Start your story with the line, “It was a beautiful morning and nothing was wrong.” And Valentine. Write a Valentine’s Day poem to a pet. Let your little critters know how much they mean to you.

Nothing Was Wrong

It was a beautiful morning, and nothing was wrong. The clock wasn’t a minute late, nor was it a minute too soon. The sky was a perfect, clear blue, and the grass couldn’t have been greener. The pavement had been newly redone; there wasn’t an unsightly crack to be found. A man was taking his dog for a walk, the two jogging beside each other. A squirrel bounded by, but the dog, possibly oblivious, did not tug on the leash or jerk the man out of pace onto the lawn of the park. Everything was perfect.

A little girl down the road ran into the local Yogurtland, elated about her future treat. She filled her bowl to the top and had exact change, which she handed to the cashier, who managed to open the usually squeaky register with ease. She was not expecting the weight of her bowl, in her excitement, and had difficulty grabbing it off the counter, but the man who had been walking his dog had just happened to walk in. He ran to the aid of the little girl and helped her lift the yogurt off the counter that was taller than she was. The dog, hovering around the legs of the man, did not lunge for her food like he normally would, having been insufficiently trained, but instead found a cool spot in the corner of the store. After helping the little girl, the man bought his own bowl and found a chair near his dog. The sun shone warmly through the windows; the clock ticked away on beat; the trees in the park swayed in unison; the cars passed by, never honking, and everything was perfect.

The next day, the squirrel, in the middle of a jump to another branch, fell out of the air; the little girl misplaced all of her money; the register fell off the counter and smashed into pieces at the feet of the cashier; the man tripped, jogging down the stairs; and the dog ran into a skunk and a porcupine. All good things must come to an end.

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It is a beautiful morning

and nothing is wrong.

I walk onto the porch,


The cold seeps through my sweatshirt

as I gaze over the blanket of fog covering the lake.

A single fish jumps,

disturbing the still water.

I walk barefoot across the grass,

the dew dampening the bottoms of my pants.

The first fishing boat drifts over the lake,

the fisherman patiently waiting for a tug on his line.

As the day goes on, the fog slowly lifts.

The ducks begin to appear.

The dew evaporates and

the lake is covered in boats,

but still,


Read the complete poem here at: youngwritersproject.org/node/20545.

Andy Dog

Andy, Andy, you’re my sweetheart true,

so beautiful and dazzling in your collar blue.

Andy, Andy, you love frogs and to hike;

you love to chase me on my bike.

Andy, Andy, you can be so stubborn

and naughty when you sneak in the cupboards.

Andy, Andy, you love to snore.

Adventures with you are never a bore.

Your snuggles and tail wags put a smile on my face.

Playing ball with you is the ultimate chase.

Andy, Andy, roses are red,

violets are blue;

to me, you are so very true.


Read the complete poem here at: youngwritersproject.org/node/20517.