Three are elected to Weathersfield Selectboard

Published: 03-04-2024 5:38 PM

Modified: 03-06-2024 10:50 AM

WEATHERSFIELD — Voters approved all articles warned at Saturday’s Town Meeting with no amendments.

Of the 2,507 voters on the checklist, 78 attended, Town Clerk Flo-Ann Dango said in a Monday email.

During Tuesday ballot voting, voters re-elected one incumbent and chose two newcomers to serve on the town’s Selectboard.

Incumbent Michael Todd, who serves as chair of the Selectboard, was re-elected to a three-year term. Challenger Rika Henderson defeated incumbent August Murray for a two-year term on the board by a vote of 356 to 238 and challenger Nathan McNaughton defeated incumbent Wendy Smith 413 to 206.

They also approved the $1.75 million operating budget and the $1.19 million highway budget. All other spending articles — including a $150,000 bond for a new backhoe and $378,000 for the town’s solid waste management facility — were approved.

There were 688 people who voted by ballot on Town Meeting day out of 2,510 voters on the checklist. Three additional residents registered to vote that day, deputy town clerk Marion Ballam said.