Valley News Forum for Oct. 1, 2023: Use data-proven approach to homelessness in the Upper Valley

Published: 10-09-2023 4:17 PM

Use data-proven approach to homelessness in the Upper Valley

I applaud Upper Valley municipalities for their leadership in coming together to address the region’s crisis of housing and homelessness (“Work together to address the housing crisis,” Sept. 15). I urge regional leaders, however, to look to the large body of evidence on data-proven practices in crafting solutions to this crisis.

Decades of research have shown that we can successfully house the vast majority of people experiencing homelessness, including those with severe mental illness, frequent encounters with the criminal justice and health care systems, and substance use disorder, using a Housing First approach. Cities and institutions that have brought these data-proven practices to scale, including Houston, Milwaukee and the Department of Veterans Affairs, have made dramatic progress on homelessness. While Vermont’s small Housing First program shows similarly positive results, state and regional leaders have not embraced this evidence-based approach as the guiding strategy of all programs and investments.

Upper Valley communities have an opportunity to employ these proven strategies in their response to homelessness and offer a model for other regions.

Anne N. Sosin


Anne N. Sosin is a public health practitioner and researcher at Dartmouth College.

New Hampshire lawmaker: What I am saying about evil

Please print the entire letter or nothing at all.

A few weeks ago, the Valley News titled my letter “Democrats represent the evil among us” (Aug. 21). The Valley News editor can choose whatever title he wants to get the wow factor so you will read it. This is what I am saying about evil and you decide if its evil.

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Yesterday's Most Read Articles

Killing a baby right up to the day of birth. Democrats voted for it this last session. Not allowing parents to have rights over their children. Democrats voted to kill the parental rights bills HB 10 and SB 272, oh they say it would out the children when it actually only allowed the parent to inquire.

Saying our schools are doing wonderful when they are not. All our kids can’t read or do math. For example, sticking with only third graders and for 2022, reading for Mascoma District is 57% not proficient, Canaan Elementary is 72% not proficient and Lebanon 37% not proficient. How is this wonderful? It’s not an anyone who says otherwise is just deceiving you. It’s not the teachers; It’s the unions, Administrators, and curriculum, they stifle the teachers.

Evil is saying that a young child can mutilate his/her body to become her or him! Come on folks, stand up and start to protect these kids and babies, they are the most vulnerable.

Republicans stand to protect its citizens, keep New Hampshire unrestricted, and remove barriers put on our liberties. Evil among us want to expand the killing our babies by unlimited abortions, no parental rights or school choice, wants sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, open borders, allow illegal aliens the same rights and privileges as our citizens, and defund the police.

Democrats say equality for all! Not true, the well-off like Executive Councilor Warmington send their child to a $60,000 private school yet not allow you school choice or access to the education freedom account (EFA), which you can still get and use for home schooling too. Is that equality opportunity?

What I have seen from Democrats is fear mongering and propagandizing working it’s wonders. Don’t be deceived.


New Hampshire state Rep. John Sellers

Grafton County District 18
Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol, Canaan, Dorchester, Enfield, Grafton, Groton, Hebron, Orange

Grafton Delegation Executive Council Member

Grafton Republican Committee Area 3 Vice Chair

30 seconds of kindness

A few years ago I drove my wife to Hitchcock for an appointment. We parked at the main entrance and my wife, who walks with a cane, struggled briefly to swing her legs out of the car and stand.

A man appeared next to her, helped her get up and begin walking toward the entrance. I bent over to thank him and recognized who had assisted her.

A few minutes later I met my wife in the lobby and asked her if she knew who had helped her out of the car. She didn’t. It was Buddy Teevens, the Dartmouth football coach, I told her.

We have remarked often on these 30 seconds of kindness from someone neither of us had ever met.

Dartmouth lost much more than a football coach. They lost a decent, caring human being.

Lloyd Bunten


Speed limits need a look

The decision by officials in Hanover to update the speed limits on a portion of Route 10 north of the town is welcome. Times and traffic have changed since those limits were established and posted. Perhaps other towns should do this too. Recently I noticed three different speed limits in Fairlee: 30, 40 and 50 miles per hour on signs all within sight of each other. That was not quite as good as the four different posted speeds on Route 5 in tiny North Thetford: 20, 35, 40 and 50 miles per hour. Common-sense posted speed limits would benefit everyone.

John Mudge